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What is web crawler (googlebot, semalt spider, and other technical robots)?

Talking about search on the Internet we rarely think about the course of this process. An average user doesn’t need to know all details, after all result matters the most. If we are happy with it, there is no need to drill down into search algorithm. Such search monsters as Google, Bing, Yahoo work on and on over improvement of their technologies. Google is especially famous for pioneering. To many SEOs, the day when Panda algorithm was launched was unlucky for a lot of proved promotional methods failed on the same day. Besides, thousands of websites fell under the filter because of coming short of principles of the new search algorithm.Let’s see how Google searches through websites when we enter a query. Special robots, web spiders, start with indexing web pages. What does it mean? Spider bots scan the Internet for web pages containing certain keywords and phrases. Not only availability of keywords on webpages comes into account, but their relevancy to the subject matter of the website and density, accompanying text, age of a domain, and authority of a web resource. After scanning, Googlebot sends data to a server where they undergo processing, and a search system rates websites by their relevance and reputation. Googlebot visits web pages in random order; a user can send it to his website by himself.
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