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Is there Semalt Twitter monitoring tool?

Twitter microblogs came in full force in 2006 when no one ever thought of exploiting this social network in marketing and SEO. When users swept down on the new web resource en masse, Twitter went viral. Short messages in microblogs were called ‘tweets’. With the help of tweets, millions of Internet users learn news, make purchases, and make deals online. It does a power of good to small business.

Matt Cutts, the head of Google's webspam team, claimed in 2014 that publications on social media do not influence ranking of web pages. Let’s look at this factor from a different angle. Twitter is visited by millions of users on a daily basis – all of them look through news feed, follow links, retweet. Most of them are adult solvent people who create a demand for goods and services on the Internet. Owing to the hype, SMM marketing emerged. Nowadays, it is used practically in all spheres of business regardless of company size. 

Marketing on social media allows small business to keep pace with large corporations. The main goal of SMM is building corporate image. Brand-awareness is one of the key factors at the initial stage of website promotion. SMM alone won’t earn for you top positions in Google search, but it will significantly increase Google trust rank.

PR on social networks proves to be incredibly effective. After all, we tend to trust more to a recommendation of a friend than an advertisement. Another advantage of Twitter is elimination of the necessity for reading lengthy posts; an ad tweet consists of a few lines and a link. If a tweet is composed properly, a user gets immediately to the back of an offer, and there only remains for him to decide if he is interested in given good, service, information. This is how database of prospective customers is formed.

Tracking contribution of SMM into promotion of a website in Google search is quite easy with Semalt Twitter monitoring. This tool is scope of web analytics of The section of Website Analyzer provides a user with information on visibility of his account on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

Semalt tool provides free web analytics services without any time limitation. There is only one minus – monitoring history is not saved for free accounts. So as to get access to the whole range of tools including Semalt Twitter monitoring tool, it is necessary to subscribe for one of the paid service plans. Please contact our manager for more information. Semalt contacts are found on the official web page. 

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