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Is there Semalt Yoast plugin for SEO?

Let’s start with defining what SEO is for a typical Internet user. Most of us do not have the slightest idea of what methods are used to promote websites. There are ‘black hat’ and ‘white hat’ SEO. We’ll talk about the latter. Yoast Company claims it to be a new kind of art, and they are right to a certain extent.

SEO has its laws, but there are no clear regulations ‘this and no other way’. Mainly it is so because Google permanently invents new search algorithms. SEOs and webmasters are to adjust to them. If back in 2010 significance lay with external links, now content weighs the most. In the meantime, other factors haven’t lost edge; and for successful promotion to TOP the following parameters are to be considered:

  • website structure
  • content
  • keywords
  • link mass
  • social signals

First and foremost, website optimization requires collecting necessary data: keyword positions, number of inbound and outbound links, mistakes in code, and other factors that directly influence page rank. There was developed a multitude of services and applications to perform the following tasks:

  • rankings monitoring
  • analyzing website structure
  • monitoring competitors
  • analyzing behavior factors

For example, Semalt Web Analytics & SEO service copes with these tasks easily. Users are provided with such an alternative as SEO apps that are compatible with other services. Yoast company developed plug-ins for integration with Google Analytics and WordPress. A lot of users anticipated release of Semalt Yoast plugin, but there is no need for it. Why – read further.

  • Why use SEO plug-in?

With the help of Yoast plugin for WordPress a user can add Google Analytics Counter to his website. Without additional tools it is possible only for a developer. The plug-in is available on the company’s website for free.

Semalt Yoast plugin is not needed simply because this service doesn’t require installing the counter on the website. Especially it is outdated now when users switch to professional web analytics systems.

Obvious advantage of Semalt service is an option of creating a project through adding a web address to the special form on the website. The web interface enables working with statistical data in a usual browser. There is no need for embedding complementary code into website structure what is especially convenient for blogs.

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