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Traffic from Semalt – is it a new SEO strategy?

Now they talk a lot about SEO era approaching its end in 2015; therefore, we’ll have to search for new ways drawing visitors to our websites. SEOs do not share this opinion and say that, in spite of new developments by Google, approved methods are effective in practice. If it is so, it is up to everyone to decide. Simply monitor statistics of website traffic. A few months of productive work on website optimization yield direct result. Besides, SEO addresses work with website structure and filling it with content. These are two key factors that inspire user to revisit the website again and again.

How to track the number of visitors of a website? Special services cope with this task. Normally, for statistics monitoring a counter should be embedded into the website code, but it is not mandatory. Presently, monitoring services that do not require installing additional modules gain popularity.

Let’s assume that you are aware of your website traffic and see positions that your web page holds at certain keywords. Now it is time you traced down traffic sources. This section of statistics is called referral traffic. Investigating sources of referral traffic it is easy to understand what resources refer to your website. A lot of SEOs argue about importance of referral traffic; in general, SEOs work with 3 kinds of traffic:

  • search
  • direct
  • referral

Though the majority of users comes from Google search, referral traffic shouldn’t be ignored. If your website is referred to, it means that it is interesting. And users visiting your website by reference could become your customers in the future – they visited your website with a certain goal. This way you attract your target audience.

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