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Taking a shortcut to submit your website to Google

Eugene Serbin (Head of SEO) How-To Articles January 22, 2020

The first thing to realize is that you – as an SEO or a business owner – can do nothing to make sure your brand-new website is indexed in the twinkling of an eye. Face the fact: becoming visible is not about instant gratification. What you can do, though, is to grease the wheels of the process, showing Googlebot that there’s something it hasn’t seen yet. Submitting your site to Google sets the stage for further development in terms of search engine optimization. And even though this does NOT make you show up high, you can now rest easy knowing you’ve eventually got it off the ground. So, how to make it appear on the web? What is the most headache-free way of helping Google get its hands on your website? Take it easy as I’m going to shed some light.

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TOP 18 free SEO tools for your toolbox

Eugene Serbin (Head of SEO) SEO Services Reviews December 13, 2019

Is there any chance you can save a buck when diving into SEO? The answer is… a resounding “YES”! All things optimization can be a heavy cross to bear, though it’s in your power to make it lighter. Here’s a round-up of free SEO tools that will help you save on paid services and avoid messing up on your undertakings. Your wallet will definitely thank you

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What is SEO: The must-bookmark guide for beginners by Semalt

Eugene Serbin (Head of SEO) SEO Basics November 22, 2019

SEO is a buzzword. It’s only three letters long, yet it has so much meaning behind. Not so many beginners know what these letters stand for. Even fewer of them realize how game-changing it may be to do SEO with the right agency on their side. Let’s dig a little bit deeper to translate the SEO term into understandable words.

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How to create a profitable backlink profile using dofollow backlinks generator?

Olya Pyrozhenko Tips & Guides January 6, 2019

All website owners dream to make their online business visible to potential customers. That is why they conduct a sophisticated marketing campaign that includes search engine optimization, social media marketing, dofollow backlinks generation, and so on. If you have something to share with a broader audience, you certainly need to do it.

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Wordpress Web Scraper: Is It Better Than Qscraper And Scrapes? – Semalt Review

Olya Pyrozhenko Tips & Guides November 26, 2018

WordPress Web Scraper is one of the best and most useful data extractors on the internet. It is easy-to-implement, has a user-friendly interface, and is compatible with all WordPress websites and blogs. You can use this plugin to display real-time data from any site directly into your pages, sidebar, and posts. WordPress Web Scraper caches the content on your website easily and can be used to include the real-time stock quotes, soccer or cricket scores or another generic content from the public domains.

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Do you want more traffic?

Let us improve your online visibility by fixing everything that holds your website back from success!

Do you want more traffic?

Let us improve your online visibility by fixing everything that holds your website back from success!

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