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Explainer video

It′s a powerful and an irreplaceable marketing tool that gives a clear visual presentation of a company′s product or services. This effective, client attracting and sales boosting service is just what you need!
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Why do you need Explainer video?

Company, product or services presentation

Video presentation always looks creative and captivating. A 2 minute video can contain as much info as 30 minutes of reading.

Attracting new users from YouTube

YouTube videos rate higher in the Google search engine results and are more clickable for users.

Improving website conversion

Landing pages that contain video have 80% better conversion. After watching a presentation video, users spend more time on the website.

Attracting new users from Google

After Google, YouTube is the world′s #2 search engine with 1 billion users. People watch hundreds of millions of videos every day, generating billions of views.

Increasing sales

According to comscore.com analysis, 64% of buyers make a decision in favor of a purchase after watching the presentation video.

Attracting users from social networks

60% of people share their experiences and videos that they like. Websites with a presentation video are shared three times more often!
Video Packages
We developed for you unique and innovative FREE video tool that allows you to create an amazing explainer videos for your product or service for only 5 seconds!
  • Our system will create video automatically
  • You only need to select template you like and enter your website url
  • You also have an opportunity of adding a logo to your video by yourself!
  • Video Duration: 30 – 60 sec
  • Video Delivery: 5 seconds
Template package is a high-quality Explainer video based on the one of available video templates.
  • Textual info about your product
  • Brand logo, screenshots and product images
  • Original music track
  • Optional voiceover and sound effects
  • Video Duration: 30-60 sec
  • Video Delivery: 1-3 business days
It’s a unique high-quality Explainer video made by our creative video production team specially for you.
Exclusive package includes
  • Selling script that will present your product in a creative and intriguing way.
  • Design and animation tailored to your brand, service or product on the basis of your chosen explainer video style.
  • A professional studio-recorded voice over to make your video creative, captivating and more comprehensible. We cast the narrator in compliance with the individual concept of your video, which is based on such characteristics as: sex, age and native language.
  • Sound effects and music to make your video exclusive, impressive and memorable.
  • Shooting the presentation object, locations and preliminary casted actors if necessary.
  • Video Duration: from 30 sec
  • Video Delivery: 2-6 weeks

How it works

Defining goal

You give us a task and point out all your wishes and key elements that must be featured in the video. (Exclusive only)

Choice and purchase

You pay for the video template you chose for your amazing Explainer video. Unsure which template to pick? Our managers can help you. (Popular only)


In order to present your brand, website, product or service in the best way possible we research it via survey and phone/ e-mail communication

Storyboard presentation

We write the script based on the information we gathered, conveying the essence of our task. (Exclusive only)


A professional voiceover actor records the audio in studio for your Explainer video.

Shooting the video

For better subject presentation our professional team can shoot the video sequence. (Exclusive only)

Design and animation

To make your video truly original, we create unique design and animation. (Exclusive only)

Music and sound (optional)

If you want your video to be even more creative, vivid and memorable, we can make music tracks and add sound effects to the video.

Creating sequence

We create a sequence for your future Explainer video, which is based on your video template of choice, piece everything together and brush it up. (Popular video)


Your video product is ready! We give you your finished Explainer video in any file format necessary for getting the video uploaded to your website or youtube.com.
Let′s make the best Explainer video you have ever seen!
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