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You are THE shining stars of our universe
Excellence, 183 Reviews
Dave Nelson
Semalt’s reputation plays a massive role in local organic search rankings...
Very impressed with these guys. I have a FullSEO package now. We started with AutoSEO which worked really well ...
They’re responsive and flexible, and their work has contributed to a 600% growth in website traffic.
Suelen Ramos
Thank you very much for your excellent service! I'm pleased with the result...
Tricky Channel
Great value and excellent service. I'm so happy using this SEO company!...
Toni Williams
Great company to work with! I have always considered SEMALT to be very professional and...
Excellent service with great results. FullSeo is Highly recommended…
I wish I would've found these guys earlier. I've worked with other SEO companies...
Maro Magk
Very pleased with their prices and quality of work. They provide quality SEO services...
Amazing job. Great company to work with. This platform is the best. They are quick...
Deepak Sharma
An great useful tool for website auditing! I like how easy you can make an In-Depth Review via Semalt…
Racheal West
Outstanding experience. Fantastic skills and awareness of what's trending and topical…
Elizabeth West
Great experience! When I heard about Semalt I was slightly hesitant, but…
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Excellence, 183 Reviews
You are THE shining stars of our universe
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“If you are looking to get results and if you want to be on TOP like me and Bono Motion, give these guys a call and I′ll see you there”

As a company committed to excellence, your success is our goal

The Brand Guy
Marketing and Communications
I engaged Semalt a few months ago to build a new website. It's been optimized for SEO. I am growing up the rankings. I am getting more visits, inquiries to come in. So, I am pretty excited about what's coming up...
Richard Sauerman, CEO
Information services
Huge traffic boost is what I've got after I started using Semalt services. To be more precise, the number of website visitors increased 25 times: from 200 people per day to 5 000 people a day.
Sam Somner, Internet Marketer
Information technologies
We’ve got very good support from the SEO team of Semalt. They provided us information about how our website can be presented to people...
Kevin Jackson, CEO
Marketing on Web
It’s also important that Semalt guys always keep in touch and are flexible to adjust to our needs. We also used Semalt copywriting services…
Ann, Manager
A good friend of ours advised us to turn to the Semalt company. As a result, we were provided with excellent service and a user-friendly, multi-functional website...
Mikhail Medvedev, Founder of The Wings
Life Insurance
Now we are getting more leads, more phone calls, more clients… It’s really amazing what has happened in just a few months…
David Robles, CEO
Medicine and Healthcare
When our website was developed, we knew that Semalt would also find a good promotion strategy for it. We felt great support from Semalt SEO team. They provided us information...
Zeeshan Zaman, CEO
The success of my online store is the merit of E-Commerce package from Semalt. Customers usually find my shop through Google search since my website appears in the TOP positions.
Saloid Kateryna, Business Owner
E da maggio 2017 abbiamo acquistato il pacchetto Auto SEO annuale Funziona bene e il nostro sito ha molte piu visite e abbiamo maggiori clienti
Paola, Business Owner
I have been working with Semalt for a long time, for three years...We have started with autoSEO and now made our way to FullSEO, of course. And the results are really impressive...
Steven Ralph, Owner
I came to Semalt and they gave me a lot of recommendations. Having implemented all the necessary recommendations I felt the difference. They really increased my traffic...
Dimas Frolov, Photographer
Hugh Prather
We selected Semalt. We've been with them about 3 months now, we love it much actually. And, we had no explosure or rankings on the Google, we got dramatic results, so as dramatic improvements over the last 3 months. We're very happy that we found Semalt...
Hugh Prather, President of The Ecuador USA Roses
Сustomers′ Experience with Our Products
Case Studies
Web Development
Web Development
Our client wanted to get a modern and intuitive redesign of the website for attractive presentation of the contractor′s services.
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Web Development
The client requested to develop a functional website and provided the necessary content for it.
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The Superior Air company uses Semalt FullSEO package for their website generating organic traffic and increasing sales. Virtually all positions are in Google TOP 10
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Web Development
Our client is a Harvard graduate specialized in applied Math. The website contains our client’s blog posts on various Financial and Economic topics. We made it ready to work in trading, sales, and technology.
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Web Development
Clear Dental is a website for the network of dental care clinics in Australia. It was designed to introduce available services in a comprehensive and user-friendly way.
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We have fulfilled the website monetization, which was the client’s priority requirement, by commissions from the purchased tracks and ads placement. Currently the website meets all standards of users and search engines, therefore, in time it will be a highly popular web source with high volume of organic traffic.
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AutoSEO is a budget-friendly and effective way to rise your website ratings in Google SERP in 3-8 months. However if you wish to quickly promote your project to Google TOP in 2-3 months, then FullSEO is the most reliable and balanced way to optimize your website and increase your sales.
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AutoSEO linkbuilding campaign improved rankings of the website. In the result, the conversion rate has improved and sales have increased
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A lot of work has been done on internal and technical website optimization and system content marketing. The latter once again demonstrated its significant influence on search engines and brand recognizability.
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