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Is it possible to buy high quality backlinks?

If you are running your own business website or at least maintaining a personal blog for awhile, you must be already familiar with the matter. I mean that the idea to buy high quality backlinks has crossed the minds of every young webmaster or novice online business owner, besides not a time or two. Before anything else, it is really possible to buy high quality backlinks? And here is what we should take for granted - yes, everyone could buy high quality links, there is no point here. But is the trick promising enough to reasonably put the entire online project under such a severe risk of ranking penalties? I believe not.

buy high quality backlinks

Of course, getting purely natural and organic links is a daunting and time-consuming task for most of us. That’s why I’ve seen so many people who decided to buy high quality backlinks believing that could help drive their websites or blogs on the top of Google’s list of search results. That way, I’ve heard about many successful bloggers making very nice profits by different means of sponsorship, partnership, and of course offering their backlinks for sale. But most of them still ended up with a more than crushing ranking penalty imposed by the search engines, following several major algorithm updates delivered by Google through the recent years.

Nevertheless, here is what makes this dilemma - to buy high quality backlinks or avoid them at all cost? This very disputable matter is created by the apparent fact that getting paid backlinks not only can but does work. That’s why a lot of online business owners are still applying for this de-facto Black-Hat SEO technique at their own risk. Anyway, here are several suggestions about paid backlinks, their quality, and most probable outcomes. Should you still decide to buy high quality backlinks under any circumstances, avoid at least the lowest quality backlinks usually offered with too cheap price tags.

I mean here that apart from being a potential waste of money and business expectations, the paid backlinks in bulk are always delivering extremely severe risks. Most commonly, people dealing in this actually immoral industry are just doing best to get the maximum profit out of their scheme - no matter they involve the most spammy and hence 100% violative spheres of online industry, such as gambling, pharmaceuticals, and adultery. As a result, all these make them even easier to be detected and caught by Google’s crawling bots - surely, they will be disclosed, it’s only a matter of time.

buy backlinks

If you want to buy high quality backlinks with slightly better chances to avoid at least the most severe ranking penalties (the extremes like a complete deindexing of your domain authority), consider the following guidelines and suggestions:

  • Avoid those widespread backlink packages offered in bulk; you must buy each link individually.
  • Never let your paid backlink cap exceed a 10% threshold in the total number of organic links.
  • Keep your website away from any sidebar, footer, or site-wide links; you’d better buy only in-content links instead.
  • Get down to the matter with the web site owners solely, never deal with any third party companies or backlink resellers.
  • After all, if you come across a website which openly offers backlinks for sale, make sure to leave that place on short notice.
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