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Is Semalt SEO effective?

Look, I’ve found an article about Semalt

Not a word about SEO. Only about analytics.

After new algorithms of Google search engine were implemented, web masters started heated discussions on whether approved SEO methods are as effective as they used to be. Methods we use now dramatically differ from those used in 2010. Google directs more and more effort toward making organic search maximally usable and relevant to user queries. SEO specialists are to adapt to new realities. Present-day SEO methods are more natural than earlier: a lot of attention is given to content, quality and usability of a website. In a nutshell, the task of SEO is making a website as useful and interesting as possible.

A question arises: how not to go overboard trying to earn high positions in the search and increase traffic? There are special monitoring systems analyzing both positions of web pages and website structure. Nowadays, web analytics services provide a wide range of tools including SEO.

Ordering website design businessmen rarely think about optimization. They mostly look at design and fullness of description of their goods and services. Mistakes are domain of the majority – too much advertising content, irrelevant articles, absent keywords, non-unique photos and texts on the website. A good many of websites are overloaded with flash-animation because their owners forget that above all a webpage must be informative.

Web analytics service provides an opportunity of looking at the website from within: find trouble spots, track positions in Google search, and find out who are your competitors on the Internet. This toolbox is not limited to analytics, it also involves Semalt SEO service.

Short Semalt SEO review will show you how this service facilitates development of online business.

Let’s outline main tasks a website owner sets:

  • draw more customers
  • motivate users to make a purchase/an order
  • increase conversion rate

To fulfill these goals, it is enough to follow simple rules of website promotion:

  • adapt website structure (in compliance with requirements of a user and a search system)
  • fill a website with unique relevant content
  • keep in touch with visitors
  • monitor competitors and look for new ideas
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