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Semalt plugin vs. Semalt Crawler – what’s better?

Why do you want to remove referrals from statistics? Inbound traffic is usually welcome by webmasters. If users visit a webpage, it means that it is interesting and useful. Besides, referral traffic is visits of users through links on other resources. If your website is referred to, it is nothing but success! What if traffic sources are questionable? You can find an answer in detailed website traffic reports. If your statistics service provides such option, you can get a report within a few minutes.If you are interested in web analytics news, you must be stumbling upon Semalt complaints time and again where website owners discuss issues occurring in referral traffic reports in Google analytics. It is not clear what caused that mix-up as any webmaster is able to define source of such traffic. Inaccurate data affected reputation of Semalt as well. Most website owners are aware of occasional GA issues with traffic monitoring. Still, users try to fix them with their own methods (which by the way do not always work).For example, Semalt plugin that allows to block traffic coming from this resource recently appeared on the Internet. Prior to taking any measures, let’s have a closer look at this issue.
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