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Semalt vs MOZ, what is better?

MOZ is known on the Internet as one of leading providers of marketing analytics software. The company’s toolkit features both free and paid web mastering instruments. Stock of free tools is pretty limited and is none the less popular. In order to get access to the full MOZ toolkit, a user needs to pay a definite sum. The point is that a novice businessman finds it difficult to discern for himself functions required for work with the website. There is another choice: free web analytics services suitable for upgrade. Let’s compare two effective toolboxes – MOZ and Semalt.

MOZ provides their customers with inbound marketing tools, analytics services, and SEO-toolbar. Basic MOZ tools can be used for free for 30 days. Upon expiration of trial period a user is offered to purchase a paid account with extended feature set. Unlike Semalt MOZ doesn’t give an option of using a free service infinitely.

Semalt Web Analytics & SEO services stand out with a democratic approach: a user can monitor positions of his website for free. The number of projects within a free account is not limited, but monitoring history is not recorded. Thus, with the help of Semalt a website owner enjoys access to the most essential options:

  • monitoring positions at keywords
  • picking semantic kernel
  • analyzing websites of competitors

Such functions as Website Analyzer and monitoring with history recording are available after you upgrade account.

Semalt vs MOZ: choosing the best

MOZ and Semalt are professional tools of work with web analytics. Both services provide data required for SEO, but unlike Semalt MOZ is not intended for website promotion. MOZ will be of use to professional SEOs, an average entrepreneur will hardly be able to increase website positions with this service. In this case, Semalt solution comes to the aid – Full SEO and Auto SEO packages.

Semalt offers turnkey SEO services:

  • monitoring positions
  • creating semantic kernel
  • analyzing competitors
  • optimizing website structure
  • link building
  • working with content

It is a tremendous advantage to business, because it lets a businessman to leave website promotion in the trust of specialists. Experience has proven that website visibility of Auto SEO users increases by 15% for the first month of usage! With the help of SEO, higher results are attainable – increase search traffic by 60%, earn higher positions in Google search.

MOZ is an undeniable favorite of web masters. Though Semalt is relatively young, it constantly develops. New options come in almost every day. The advantage of Semalt lies in availability of its free monitoring toolkit for an infinite period of time. MOZ allows evaluation of its service for 30 days only.

If you are big on promotion of your website, let web analytics and SEO become your permanent companions. You can use options of MOZ analytics and Semalt SEO services separately or together. Semalt offers a few service plans adaptable to specific project goals. Besides, each Semalt account owner can work with a few projects at a time.

Thus, it won’t take you enormous effort to increase your income and develop business online. It suffices to comply with key requirements of search systems to make your web resource useful for customers. Find out what positions your website holds now. You can do it for free after signing up for

I’ve been using MOZ for 2 years, and I am satisfied. They have a lot of usable apps. Very convenient.
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