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How to adjust Semalt filter in Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is the most popular web analytics system at present. It has a few advantages:

  • a wide range of tools
  • availability of detailed user manuals
  • a free account

Users are attracted to multitasking capability of this service. You have a possibility of tracking all kinds of traffic:

  • search
  • direct
  • referral
  • social
  • advertising

Unfortunately, quantity is not necessarily transformed into quality. In 2012 a problem arose: Google Analytics displayed total volume of search and referral traffic. As time went by, this issue wasn’t fixed. Emergence of new web analytics systems on the Internet caused definite difficulties: Google Analytics takes crawler bots for real users. Their website visits are displayed in reports of referral traffic.

Users sent a multitude of complaints about distorted statistics. Alongside Google, Semalt company offered a few solutions to this problem:

  • with the help of Google Analytics filter
  • with the help of Semalt Crawler removal tool (All the instructions you'll find in Semalt Help)
  • Semalt blocker plug-in

Semalt filter in Google Analytics allows to prevent bots of this service from visiting your website. You don’t need to make changes in .htaccess file as some developers advise. Any user can adjust Semalt filter in Google Analytics. Find detailed manuals on the page of Google Analytics Help Center.

Messages about Semalt filter not working are often found on forums. Users must have not considered all required settings. In this case Semalt developers recommend using Crawler removal tool: enter URL of your website into a special form, and in 30 minutes it will be removed from a database of this service forever.

Semalt blocker plug-in was developed by webmasters for users of WordPress. Since there is noWordPress statistics counter, this method is also good for adjustment of statistics reporting.

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