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What is an SEO Optimized Article?

SEO optimized article

As you know, search engines filter tons of Internet date every day.  They use bots, which crawl site pages to collect the data on their content and define the site’s place in the ranking system for a certain query. While you cannot guess the process behind the ranking algorithms of search engines, you can help them identify your website and add it to their ranking system faster by making your text content search engine friendly.

For that reason, many experts suggest adding blogs to your business site or writing articles relevant to your niche and posting them on your website. Not only doing so makes your websource more welcoming to users and provides them with useful information, but it also attracts the attention of search engines - provided if you do it right.

What makes an SEO-optimized article?

First of all, your article should be cleverly written, grammatically correct, informative and relevant to the subject of your business. Following the guidelines of search engines is important, but appealing to your human audience is the life essence of your enterprise.

You can write an article on your own if you are confident in your skills and are convinced that no one can write about the professional subject as good as you do. Alternatively, you can hire a copywriter to do the writing for you. Regardless of the way you choose, make sure that your article is fully compliant with the following SEO standards:

Inclusion of main keywords

Use the core key phrases and insert them in the article for your SEO whenever it’s appropriate. This way, you will increase your chances of attracting the attention of search engines and promoting your site up in search results. The H1 article heading must necessarily include one of the keywords as it is one of the most visible points in the text. Be cautious: the overabundance of keywords will negatively affect the readability of the article and harm its promotion. Allow for no more than 1-2 repetitions per each key phrase.

Insertion of hyperlinks

Adding hyperlinks to the relevant sources like Google,, etc, increases your site’s credibility and raises its trustworthiness allowing your site to get ranked higher in search results. It is also useful to leave links to web pages on your site if they are relevant to the subject you write about.  

Is it worth to buy SEO articles?

Not all site owners have time to write unique content, so hiring writers for creating original articles is not uncommon. However, the employment of copywriters has its own risks. Most of them are related to how much you are willing to pay. Mind that if you want to pay 10$ for the article, don’t expect great quality and great knowledge of your niche and be in a hurry to condemn the copywriting as a way to help your search-engine optimization. A good copywriter takes 200$ per a long-form text on a highly specialized subject and this is a normal practice.

If you want to enhance your SEO with articles, you mustn’t save up on quality. The great content will return your investments considerably. To ensure that your site gets the full-scale promotion, our Semalt packages include copywriting complimentary assistance. This can relieve you of the necessity to hire copywriting agencies in addition to working with us and secure the success your site.

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