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Why Google optimization takes time?

Semalt Google SEO optimization

This is a common issue for many website owners. The short answer to it is that if you get fast SEO results in Google, you are 100% guaranteed to receive a penalty for violating the guidelines. There is no legitimately quick way to gain rankings: only Black Hat SEO techniques, which increase your rankings before they are annihilated by Google penalties.

The first step of Google SEO optimization is competitive analysis

Your business doesn’t exist in a vacuum. If you are an experienced business owner, you have competitors that started their projects at approximately the same time as you. If you are a novice business owner, your niche has long-time competitors which have multiple advantages over you. 

The task of an SEO Google team is to assess your competition, study its strong and weak sides, and the steps you must take to keep up with it and consequently lead it. Competitive analysis includes counting and evaluating all links that lead to the competitor websites, the keywords they rank for, the positions they currently have and their number of visitors. While there are many competitor monitoring tools available for free, making sense of the obtained data and incorporating it into the strategy of your site promotion can be complicated and even more time-consuming. Due to this, we suggest employing the assistance of the professional team.     

Link building is a major part of Google SEO

After obtaining the information about your competition, the next step of the SEO strategy for Google is to define the web sources which the competitors use for link building. Link building is a complex technique which should be approached with caution, according to the Google professionals. Creating a database of authority websites which can offer high-quality backlinks requires time and effort. The expert responsible for this has to make sure that none of the sites used for link building are exploited by the competition as unique backlinks are highly valued by search engines. After the database is collected, the work continues.

Next, the expert has to proceed with link placement. Each link from the large collected amount must be added correctly without breaking the guidelines. This procedure needs time and awareness of the latest attitude of search engines towards link building.

Content optimization

Semalt Google SEO services

Your site plays a major part in Google SEO optimization or optimization for any other search engine. Aside from building links through content trading and guest blogging, you need to ensure that the structure of your site corresponds to Google’s standards, that your website looks presentable in search results and that all images have relevant alt text so search bots could see them properly. Optimizing images is also an important step as oversized visual elements decrease the loading speed and increase your bounce rate.  

Further adjustments

After the competitive analysis, link building and optimization works, the task is far from complete. Google  keeps updating its algorithms, which means the change of ranking priorities. Many site owners get caught unaware by an algorithm update which results in a rankings drop. This is why regardless of whether you use Yahoo!, Bing or Google SEO services, the rankings monitoring is always included in the offered campaigns to give you control over your optimization.  

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