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How do I use Google Position Checker and other useful online tools?

For any e-commerce approach, Search Engine Optimization can bring the most out of the online presence and secure a steady flow of customers at the same time. SEO is the Internet marketing tactic which can engage thousands of clients around the globe. Many successful businesses got numerous ways to check and automate the progress of their online marketing techniques. In SEO, the use of highly searchable keywords as well as their monitoring and control is another factor which can bring success to an online business. Since 2017 January, Google and other search engines have made the immense count of changes to their algorithms. As a result, many old-time tactics are no more applied for. New tactics such as content relevance, mobile friendliness and UX attractiveness play a critical role in making this a website rank on the SERPs.

Google position checker

Tools which can help to drive your marketing campaign include:

1. Google Search console. Google site features numerous webmaster tools available for use in online marketing. Google Search console can work as a google rank checker for your website. It can give you search suggestions relevant to your content, which can help you improve the quality of the information presented by your website.

2. Google Analytics. This metrics tool for monitoring the performance of some specific keywords is available on Google AdWords. One can find long tail keywords, as well as other quantitative metrics like CTR rate, competition threshold or the average search density. In terms of creating a content for your e-commerce project, using Google SEO checker becomes a very important part of your overall SEO efforts.

3. Google AdWords. Google AdWords offers you a reasonable option for getting lots of keywords to be included in your ad campaigns. Many businesses succeed online owing to the fine practical use of these keywords. Optimizing your website and dealing with proper target advertising helps your keywords grant you the actual access to the market. As a result, Google AdWords is known as the really promising tool for powering up your online marketing strategies.

4. SEMRush. This is a potent tool, especially useful for getting long tail keywords. SEMRush provides crucial information, such as the potential of a particular keyword, while analyzing different metrics from SERPs at the same time. Combining the potential of SEMRush with that of Google Search console can support a website with numerous benefits, hence playing a vital part in content creation.

5. Semalt Website Analyzer. Most commonly, this tool is available to all registered Semalt users. In fact, this appliance serves in the capacity of a standard Google position checker tool and offers additional benefits. It can give an overview for the entire website, particularly in the context on the SERPs. Relevant information means the domain authority, its life age and many other ranking factors which are most essential for the entire business destiny.

Google position checker tool


Many companies have been moving online lately. The Internet presents an excellent platform for discovering infinite market potential. It enables many businesses to involve new clients from different geographical regions within their market niche. When applying for online marketing, one can benefit from proper use of Google rank checker and many other helpful online marketing tools. Online marketing relies on different schemes and techniques, which can help you tackle most any tasks in a self-driving manner. The usage of the above tools, as well as different methods of monitoring, regulating and controlling processes is becoming more and more accessible. And this trend is most likely to be kept forth.


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