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What SEO services should I use to make my web design SEO friendly?

SEO is a significant marketing approach to any online business. It provides a lot of opportunities for online merchants such as high click through rate, brand awareness, and high revenue. Search engine services have changed over the last few years. Nowadays, webmasters have more opportunities for designing high-quality well-optimized web sites. However, not all of them know how to integrate SEO into the website design in a correct way. In this article, we will talk about web design optimization according to the current search engine rules.

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You may improve your Google rankings if you make your website design attractive and convenient for users. However, it should also be in full compliance with the standards of search engines. The following website components are primary for SEO.

Primary considerations for web design and SEO services

  • Website structure

Both frontend and backend design are taken into account when it comes to SEO. You should not only improve a visible part of your site, but also give attention to website's inner structure and navigation. For instance, such aspect as interlinking plays a significant role in website optimization. Make sure that each page of your site can be reached within just three clicks, not more. Moreover, try to avoid pages duplication. Google will rank your website better if all your web pages have a correct and precise URL and relevant keywords.

  • HTML code

Search crawlers parse your HTML code to find an answer to a user’s query. If you have some errors or omissions in your website code, it may cause a ranking decline and penalties. Make sure your HTML code is written according to the current search engine standards and correct any existing errors.

  • Mobile responsive design

Currently, website responsive design is one of the most significant Google ranking factors. If you would like to get a constant flow of visitors and increase your click-through rate, you should make your website compatible with mobile devices.

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  • Page load

Users become frustrating when somebody makes them wait. As we live in a world of high technologies, users should get a response to their queries as quickly as possible. That is why Google appreciates quick loading web pages and ranks them better.

  • Heading tags

Attractive and optimized headings may increase the users' interest in your site and make them click on it. Make sure your headings include relevant keywords and reveal your content essence as Google search bots pay attention to optimized tags, especially H1 when they crawl the website and its content.

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