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What Basic Tips & Tricks Do You Provide on SEO for Small Business Websites?

What do you know about SEO? And what about SEO for a small business website? Below we are going to have a brief overview of the main items of good SEO, particularly in terms of small e-commerce project!

Does SEO for small business websites really matter?

It has been recently announced by the experts, that there are over 6.1 billion searches made with Google daily. And this amount is now going even higher up. In fact, today most of the customers forgot about that annoying TV, radio, and newspaper ads. They are simply using Google search engine to find what they need, such as interesting places for sightseeing, museums, restaurants, shops, attorneys at law, etc. Thus, being shown among the first Google search results is now extremely important for any commercial doing, particularly for minor project survival. As a result, doing SEO for small business websites has recently become even more vital than ever before. Moreover, about 43% of customers now perform Google search before visiting a real offline store, or service provider. Remember that!

seo for small business website

Search Engine Optimization. What is it?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the set of different techniques used to elevate the visitor count to a website. All of them are aimed at boosting the website’s ranking in Google search results. Thus, doing SEO means using all ways which will drive your website to better ranking in Google SERPs.

Basic Tips & Tricks useful when doing SEO for small business website

  • Use the right keywords
    Using the right targeted keywords means you’ll need to conduct a keyword research. I recommend to test some queries in Google search to see your closest competitors and just do a research on them. Think, which of them is going to be the most suitable for your small business.
  • Have Meta titles & Descriptions added to your web pages
    First of all, these items are extremely useful for crawlers used by the search engines to explore all the data found across the Web. From the other hand, such brief descriptions are very user-friendly, helping your visitors to navigate through your web pages at ease.
  • Don’t forget to include the keywords to each web page URL
    I mean having the right keywords included in your domain name will be really helpful to elevate your website ranking, as it helps Google get you indexed. And remember, place your keywords as close to domain name beginning, as possible. That will help you to get an additional ranking boost over your competitors paying less attention to this matter.
  • Make your website optimized for portable devices
    Through the recent 2 years, Google has been rewarding mobile-friendly websites. I mean you shouldn’t skimp on having a mobile responsive design when doing SEO for a small business website. You will instantly have a great ranking boost from Google itself, as well as give your visitors better user experience, making your website even more convenient and popular.
  • Content is the king
    Don’t skimp on having only fresh, relevant, and regularly updated content for your website. First of all, it will make your online resource more useful for visitors, and that will be rewarded with a higher ranking from Google at the same time. Yes, having a solid content is a time-consuming and labor-intensive task. But you will need it under any circumstances. So, consider hiring professional content writers if you want to have the most efficient SEO for the small business website of yours.
    seo for small business ownersI hope the above mentioned set of easy tips will be helpful for the novice online entrepreneurs, eager to have a good SEO for any small business website. Yes, this is just the beginning of the way, as there are still many things to learn. Not to mention the cloudy dimension of Black Hat SEO tactics. Thanks for your interest, but let's go one step at a time.

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