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What is the difference of search engine optimization and web marketing?

Nowadays, online merchants become obsessed with web marketing search engine optimization. However, you can make your website prosperous implementing non-SEO local marketing strategies. Seo is not enough by itself to improve your brand awareness especially if we talk about local marketing. The following marketing strategies will help you to attract new customers without optimization.

web marketing search engine optimization

Social media platforms

Social media marketing is a perfect option for business development as it helps to improve brand awareness and reach new customers. SMM gives you an opportunity to communicate with your audience directly through social media channels. Customers became closer with your brand and company itself. Such social platforms as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram provide business people with a variety of special services which help them to promote their business online. A good SMM campaign can bring you a remarkable success and drive new customers to your website.

Promotional contests

You may attract your potential audience by gifts and freebies. It is almost a guaranteed way to generate new leads and turn them into brand advocates. However, you should target users who are not only looking for introductory offers but need products or services you provide. Promotional contests are not only entertaining customers, but make them loyal. Moreover, users receive an opportunity to try out your products.

web marketing seo


Rebranding is a powerful marketing strategy that can redefine established brand identity or just partially refresh it. Some businesses update their services, identity, and marketplace to shift company's goals. Rebranding can attract your potential customers and encourage them to stay with you for more. The rebranding will help you to build your brand identity and improve your online business presence. You may not do total rebranding which requires big investments and time. A particle rebranding also makes sense. For instance, logo updating can be enough to make your website better.

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