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How do I drive targeted web traffic for my startup?

That’s the right question, as most of every success story here begins with people understanding the efficiency of handling a proper Search Engine Optimization. As it’s well-known, SEO can be never outdated or “dead” as some can foolishly suggest. Considering startups and targeted web traffic direly needed to start moving on the right track to the top of the search list, SEO is not only important. It is entirely imperative for gaining targeted web traffic for your online project survival, mainly through the most severe and challenging early stages of the post-start-up period.

targeted web traffic

Let’s take it for granted - the primary goal of every startup is to increase the online visibility of the brand in the SERPs, and ensure it is addressing the right target audience or market niche of potential clients. Just some cold figures - according to the most recent survey, the first result in Google’s search pages is estimated to be dominating, with a 33% ratio of all clicks received on top-10 results. That’s why using SEO as soon as you have brought your new website live is a MUST to set a targeted web traffic flow instantly bringing the whole site on the top of Google’s SERPs.

So, let’s see how to manage the task with the two main aspects of SEO aimed at driving targeted web traffic - quality link building, and a proper page structure optimization. Below, I’m going to have a brief consideration for them both.

Quality Link Building

One of the core elements of any SEO strategy for targeted web traffic, quality link building works rather simple. Google is going to reward the links hosted on your pages by elevating your overall website’s search positions in the SERPs. Apparently, having more quality links will give you a higher ranking boost. The more regarded and authoritative the source site is, the more ranking value your link will bring your website.

Among the smartest link building solutions, I have recently heard about is getting more links via guest blog posts. I mean writing guest posts on any influential websites related to your topic (or market niche) in exchange for placing a quality link leading to your web pages. A rather simple task, eh? The more famous place you choose for a back link, the higher targeted web traffic you’ll be brought after all.

Optimized Structure of the Website

First and foremost, a well-optimized structure favorable for targeted web traffic means having a multi-page platform, easy for navigation, owing to many inbound links connecting the separate pages of your website. From the one hand - it would be great for better and more user-friendly browsing experience, as your visitors will naturally benefit from easy and smooth navigation path leading to every web page of yours.

website traffic

From the other hand, however, running a well-optimized structure means your website will be easily “read” and “understood” by the search crawlers. That way, you are going to have a higher probability to be displayed closer to the top-10 SERPs, hence giving your better chances to accelerate your targeted web traffic flow from the very beginning of such a challenging and hard period of early startup.

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