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Can you tell me what is the best way to advertise your website effectively?

Below I’m going to try to cover the main aspects of online promotion to help you feel confident and start acting the best way to advertise your website from the very beginning. Before anything else, let’s start with the basic rule of nearly every modern online marketing campaign. Or not actually a rule or guideline, but just one simple caution, to be more precise. Avoid sending your visitors to the homepage at all cost. That way, you’d better send them to a particular landing page crafted and customized so that it can meet possibly any advertising purpose of your online project.

best way to advertise your website

But is there any ultimately best way to advertise your website? Doing it with a purely sound landing page! Ideally, you should have your landing page embedded with some specific features and particular ad elements, which your potential customers want to see for their shopping experience, for example, on your online store.

So, how to shape a new landing page in the best way to advertise your website with a maximum effectiveness? Having the right elements with a proper placement on your landing page! Let’s check them all, step by step. Below I’m going to list a brief overview for each so that you can prioritize your works on landing pages.

  • Images are wanted by 76% of shoppers (based on the recent survey). This fact is reconfirmed by Google still increasing an image cap we are shown on the SERPs. Considering that the lion’s share of shoppers is responding well to visual content, I recommend here using the following items for your landing page: product listings, brand logos, and different notifications, such as price drops, product ratings, alert badges, etc.
  • Product reviews are wanted by nearly 70% of shoppers. So, on the one hand, it would be a great idea to have consistent customer reviews hosted on your landing page itself. From the other hand, you might as well incorporate some reviews into PPC via special online extensions available in open access.
  • Competitive comparisons for your product or service against the ones of your leading opponents are wanted by about 45% of shoppers. Have such side-by-side comparisons shown on your landing pages in graph or spreadsheet to let your visitors read a valuable data at ease, and in the most natural way possible.
  • Testimonials left by former clients are wanted by 40% of shoppers. Having them on your landing page could become the best way to advertise your website if there is an eye-catching difference for your product to stand out of your market opponents.

advertise your website

  • Live chat with a virtual consultant is a MUST for your landing page. I believe there is no need to list here any estimated figures, as apparently having this item hosted directly on your landing page will become the best way to advertise your website, mainly when operating in shopping industry where every potential customer commonly has a lot of questions to ask.

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