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How to check the credibility of the ecommerce SEO expert?

A sphere of digital marketing is highly demanded nowadays. That is why more and more SEO agencies and independent consultants appear to provide website owners with their services. It is a kind of hardship to find a competent and experienced e-commerce SEO expert who will make your online business prosperous for a reasonable price. Usually, there is a choice between quality and affordable services. Unfortunately, search engine optimization is not a service the result of which you can obtain momentarily. That is why you are risking to waste your money if optimization services appear useless or non-quality. To help you out, we make up a list of TOP-10 questions you need to ask your potential e-commerce SEO expert before making any payments for his services.

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Questions to your future e-commerce SEO expert

  • What could you tell me about my website?

Before hiring a B2B e-commerce SEO expert, you need to find out how he thinks. You should apparently understand your SEO consultant thought process to check whether it aligns with your understanding of what should be done with your site during optimization procedure. Moreover, you need to be able to evaluate the experience and skills of your SEO team members. Unfortunately, on the first stage of your cooperation with SEO agency, you will contact only with sale managers. It can be dangerous for both customers and experts as they do not communicate directly. However, it is precisely a bad sign if a person you are speaking with by Skype, mobile phone or directly cannot honestly investigate your site current situation or provide you with real suggestions how to improve your site SEO.

  • What content management systems you work with?

You need to make sure your e-commerce SEO expert has an experience with content management system your site is based on. There is a big difference between Shopify CMS and WordPress, especially in technical optimization elements. That is why before hiring an SEO expert you need to make sure he can work with your CMS. Make sure that the search engine optimization expert you hire can maneuver and consult at a technical level of different content management systems.

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  • Will you do changes on my site by yourself or my web development team will responsive for that?

Web development services are an essential part of any e-commerce optimization campaign. The biggest amount of e-commerce website owners are not exactly ready to hand over the key to their online business. However, you can not blame them for that. That is why you need to make sure that your e-commerce SEO expert team can provide you with web development services before hiring them. Moreover, you need to ask about a price because a lot of optimization agencies charge additionally for web development services. The last thing you want is to be a month into an SEO project to find out that a company you recently hired is only providing the consulting services. In this case, you will need to hire a web development content and end up with over budgeting.

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