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How can I promote my products on Amazon with the help of SEO?

Amazon is the biggest products retailing platform where every day millions of people from all over the world buy or order something. Online merchants who succeed there earn significant sums of money even not creating a website. It is the most convenient and efficient way to retail products online with minimal cash investments. A competition level is very high there. Amazon is overcrowded by people who would like to boost their revenue. That is why you need to be better than your competitors in all aspects and implement Amazon product SEO. Optimizing your Amazon business page is an intentional strategy that can have a direct impact on your items organic search ranking. However, the most challenging aspect of Amazon optimization procedure is product content submission strategy. Many online merchants face the difficulties with an adaptation of their accounts with Amazon search algorithm which is called A9. Amazon does not open a secret of the ranking algorithm, making it more difficult to get to the TOP by implementing optimization strategies. A lot of experts are still trying to find what factors may influence the Amazon SERP and how to impact on these factors. In this article, I will share with you some Amazon product SEO suggestions that can help you to rank higher on this trading platform.

Amazon product SEO suggestions

Before we start to talk about the ways how to improve Amazon page SEO, we need to learn what internal and external factors are influenced Amazon rankings.

The direct factors that influence Amazon’s organic algorithm are text match relevance (titles, features, product description), availability (in-stock history), price and sales velocity.

The indirect factors in their term include fulfillment method, reviews (the overall number of reviews, the number of positive reviews and review score), A+ content, images, advertising and promotions.

Now, when we know what factors can influence Amazon organic search rankings, it is time to talk about optimization techniques that will make your business page visible on Amazon.

amazon product seo

  • Product discoverability improvement

You need to improve your products discoverability to make your product listing visible on Amazon. Amazon is a system that cares more about buyers than sellers, focusing SERP on outcomes rather than the sellers of those products. From its part, a seller is motivated to increase the overall number of sessions to his product page to receive good positions on Amazon SERP and boost revenue. A process of Amazon optimization campaign includes four main stages - product discoverability improvement, traffic increase, sales increase, Amazon product page raising on SERP. You may affect your product page discoverability on the marketplace using the following techniques. First of all, you need to create relevant and well-optimized content for your product page. Moreover, it is essential to include sales performance history, product reviews, inventory quantity and land prices. It worth to note there that Amazon content ownership may be shared. That is why you do not have any guarantees that your content will be reflected on an Amazon detail page. You may improve this situation becoming a part of Amazon Brand Registry. This paid software enables online merchants who sell their own branded products to have a high authority on SERP.

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