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How can I do SEO for categories in a blog?

Website owners create blog posts to improve their website rankings and attract more traffic to their site. If you create a blog, you would like your potential customers to find it and comes to your site through it. Moreover, you may also want your website visitors to be able to observe your recently published posts on your blog. There is an excellent chance to convert your new visitors into regular readers of your blog. Content which you have created with patience and care should not be hidden on your blog after just one read from your audience. A recently published content can also come in handy for your customers and readers. That is why it should always stay alive and visible for everybody. For doing so, you need to divide your blog into optimized categories. It will help both your potential readers and search bots investigate all your site content and improve your blog rank in Google. In this article, you will find some valuable information how to categorize your blog in order to influence its rankings on Google.

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When you have no categories

There are a lot of bloggers who continuously create new content, putting in the deep of the site the old one. On the one hand, they are right because they continually add unique and valuable information on their website. On another side, you do not give an opportunity for your new blog readers to catch some relevant facts from your recently published content. Your posts seem to be written just to be read only once. If you do not have tags and links from one article to another, you merely lose your traffic. Moreover, you are worsening users experience with you blog, making them scroll through the archives. It shows for users that your old content is worthless to read and for search bots that it does not make sense to parse it anymore.

Improve your blog usability by creating content categories

To improve your blog search engine optimization, make sure your visitors can easily navigate through your blog categories and pages and can find what they need in a minute. Your blog new readers should have a list of available articles on your site with the suggestions what other materials they can read related to the particular topic. Moreover, an orderly hierarchy of your blog content, will give an opportunity to your regular readers to re-read older content and for example compare it with the new one.

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How blog categories contribute your blog SEO

A well-structured blog is also beneficial for search engine optimization. In most cases, bloggers address similar topics in different posts. By doing so, they are targeting for the same search terms. In other words, a blogger may compete with his own content for the higher positions in Google. It does not bring any value to a blog from the side of search engine optimization. If you create category pages and link all your related topic articles to the same category, it will allow that blog category to receive more targeted traffic from search engines.

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