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Does social media SEO work?

Search engine optimization and social media marketing are mutually agreed on optimization techniques which focus on lead generation and organic traffic. As the winning SMM strategy relies on high-quality content and strong brand presence, you double your prospects to attract your potential customers to your brand and increase your search rankings.

Google representatives claim that social media presence does not influence website rankings. However, if to go deeper in this process, it appears that content users share on social media platforms can contain links to your site and serves as a direct ranking factor.

social media seo

In this article, we will discuss some essential techniques you need to include into your social media SEO to improve your brand awareness and attract new followers.

Social media SEO basics

  • Branded images

To improve your brand awareness, make sure you put your company logo on your Facebook cover or background image. It is an important marketing technique as a cover page serves as a company business card. Brand image is the first thing social media users when they open your business profile. Make sure you give them a good impression.

When you are adding a logo to your cover image, you turn it in your company advertising billboard. If a user like your cover image it could mean a good start of your relations.

  • Links to other social profiles

Do not lose your opportunity to generate more loyal customers on different social media platforms. Place links to other social platforms to improve your brand awareness. Make sure these links are placed on the plain sights within your profile. I advise you to generate different content for the various social platforms to encourage users to follow your accounts. You can add links to your social profiles in your Facebook account contact information by putting a comma and space after your main domain URL. 

social media seo tips

  • Complete profile

To improve your brand social presence, you need to fill out each informative section on a page with quality and engaging information about your brand. Make sure all information you provide is accurate, especially such fields as your company physical address, phone number, and email address. Moreover, it is advisable to tell your followers about your business mission and goals. It will add more value to your potential customer’s experience with your social profile.

  • Put a link to your main domain

The primary purpose of your business social profile is to attract more visitors to your main website. Make sure your customers can easily find a link to your main domain to follow it and subsequently raise your CTR and conversion. On Facebook, you may add your site URL in the page description in the “About” section. By doing it, you will verify your profile and improve your brand authority.

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