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How much should I pay for SEO per month to improve my e-commerce?

Today's e-commerce business is a highly competitive sphere as it provides big profits. There are more than 100,000 e-commerce websites in the US are competing for the TOP search positions. It means that your prospect of success directly depends on search engine optimization. SEO helps to improve your brand awareness and your online business presence. It is the only way to stay competitive on search engines. I am sure that with the right knowledge and professional SEO help, you can quickly improve your site SEO and increase your search traffic. To implement SEO per e-commerce, you need to follow such steps as on- and off-page optimization, link building, keyword suggestion and technical improvement.

per e-commerce

As e-commerce sites optimization requires experience, it is advisable to devote this task to professionals. Let us discuss how much you should budget on electronic commerce SEO and pay-per-click advertising.

Cost of SEO per e-commerce

Probably the most website owners wonder how much money they should invest in SEO and PPC. You either risking to spend too much on optimization and receive little results or pay a little and observe no effects at all. Of course, your spending will depend on agency authority you work with, your market niche and your e-commerce goals. For instance, if you would bring more search traffic to your site, you will probably spend more money on organic search engine optimization. However, if you would like to attract users attention to the certain product or event, you need to invest in PPC advertising as it brings quick results. To improve your brand awareness, I advise you to focus your budget on social media marketing and email marketing. So you need to know your final e-commerce goal to invest in the right field.

According to the statistical data, e-commerce companies spend up to 80% of their budget on SEO and PPC in combination. It means that it is the most efficient kind of promotion which gives visible and long-lasting results. There is a tendency that world-class companies place on the first Google positions in both organic and paid search. It means that combined promotion enables them to double their chances of success.

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According to BRAD’s research, the biggest amount of marketing budgets are based on 15% of revenue. It means that big corporations are budgeting 81% of their income on SEO in combination with PPC. This statistical data shows us a tendency on a digital market and let us understand what our niche competitors are doing.

If you observe a good flow of traffic from different sources, then I advise you to shift your marketing budget between search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising.

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