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What is an average SEO formula for an online shop?

If you would like to rank higher than your competitors, search engine optimization is a MUST. Without SEO, your online store will be lost among your niche competitors, and subsequently, you will lose your sales. To get to the TOP SERP position, you need to engage your customers with a quality content and make your site user-friendly. If you are ambitious about sales growth, you need to improve your online shop SEO to receive a constant flow of customers and double your revenue. Whether you are just developing your e-commerce site or improving the existing one, our ultimate guide will help you to step up your SEO game.

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The ultimate guide to online shop SEO

There are three key factors of the winning optimization campaign - relevance, usability, and authority. To target quality and organic traffic to your site, you need to keep a focus on these factors and optimize your site according to search engine standards. Make sure you optimize your site not only for search crawlers but first of all for users.

  • Quality content management system

There are a lot of different content management systems exist. However, not all of them are easy-to-use and SEO-friendly. I advise you to build your site on WordPress or Shopify CMS systems as they provide useful extensions for webmasters and SEO experts. Make sure your website back-end is well-optimized as Google bots usually index site HTML code. SEO-friendly CMS include special extensions that enable website owners to make some SEO amendments automatically.  

  • Keywords research

Relevant key phrases are essential for website online presence as they serve as the website quality indicators for search bots. You need to conduct a sophisticated keywords research to gain search engine’s trust. Such free online tools as Semalt Auto SEO or Keywords Planner will help you to suggest high-value keywords. I advise you to select less competitive keywords to improve your ranking positions and outdistance your competitors. Include relevant keywords in headings and titles to target them for great SEO results.

  • Unique content crafting

A single, engaging content is a MUST for the winning online shop SEO campaign. It is a useful optimization technique for driving sales. Google prefer well crafted and up-to-date content with titles, bullets and separate paragraphs. Make sure you include relevant keywords into your content to enable search engines to parse your site well. However, do not stuff your content with keywords to avoid Google penalties.

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  • Customer support

Make sure you provide your clients with the best user’s experience ever. It will help you to reduce bounce rate and improve conversion. Moreover, search engines check user’s experience to decide about your website authority and relevance. I advise you to implement intuitive navigation and attractive website design to improve user’s experience with your site. If you would like to speed up your customer's purchase procedure, you need to provide simple ordering process and improve site navigation. Moreover, use different helpful features such as help boxes, customer support section, pop-ups, and instructions.

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