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How long will it take Google to make SEO scan for website?

Do you know how soon can your website will be displayed on Google search result pages for the first time? Let’s imagine that you are a small business owner, who has just passed through the earliest startup period. And now you are wondering - how soon will you be represented to the world? So, you need to know when should you expect Google to complete SEO scan website has been waiting so long. Before it finally happens, some things are preceding that. First of all, your new website should be indexed by the search engine bots. Unfortunately, there is no accurate time for such initial indexing. However, we can make an estimation, considering that the actual time for Google indexing if most commonly driven by:

  • Your website’s popularity, mainly measured with inbound link count and quality
  • Responsiveness of your content, from the viewpoint of crawling bots
  • The structure of your website, i.e., in what way are your web pages interlinked.

seo scan website

Most commonly, every new startup gets crawled (either indexed) by Google crawling bots from four days to one month. Under certain conditions, however, it may take even longer. But here is a piece of good news - you can always make the first shot. I mean if you are wise enough, you will have your new website already welcoming for indexing from the very beginning. I mean using different means of social media, like commenting, guest blogging, or some preliminary e-mail marketing campaign.

This way, your second shot should be aimed at your website’s structure, having a clean code with the help of some worthy content management system. At the same time, don’t forget to make your website even easier for crawling - just embed it with a sitemap.xml to make the things much better.

Doing so, here comes the third shot to make SEO scan for website even more welcoming for Google indexing. Start with checking server responses using any relevant tools available in the open access on the Internet. Ideally, your pages must return 200/OK responses. Next, have a double check for every piece of your content, make sure to keep your web pages clean from pure-size images, Flash-based features, as well as any JavaScripts. All of them are potentially unreadable for crawling bots, so you are most likely to encounter some particular difficulties, should you ignore this recommendation anyway. After that, you should verify your website by submitting it to Google. This task is quite simple, just create or sign up for your account in Webmaster Tools by Google. Doing so, you will help your web pages be more friendly for crawling for even more. Also, you will be able to detect, locate, and prevent the occurrence of the lion’s share of potential issues.

seo scan

Having completed all above steps, you are free just to keep waiting till SEO scan for website is completed in full, as you have already done all your best for the highest probability of being discovered by Google’ crawling robots. The only thing you can do for that moment - is simply checking your current progress. Just enter a search request like this: to see how many web pages have already passed through indexing.

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