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What are the best ways to boost my Facebook SEO?

Nowadays, social media become a second source after search engines for business development. More and more online merchants place their business pages on Facebook. It is a perfect place for lead generation and communication with the targeted audience. Moreover, social media marketing has a direct impact on organic search results as it helps to bring traffic to the main domain. Facebook continuously creates the new opportunities for businesses, helping them to receive more traffic through white-hat SEO techniques. Implementing Facebook SEO methods within your business page can help you to reach more potential clients and improve your brand social presence. Remember, that your Facebook followers may become your loyal customers. That is why you need to invest your time and efforts to make your Facebook SEO campaign successful. Let us discuss what optimization strategies can maximize your Facebook page visibility.

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Key Facebook SEO strategies

  • Keywords

You should include relevant keywords in your content and “About” section to make it well ranking on Facebook and improve your business account visibility on this social network. Moreover, it will be easier for your potential followers to find your brand in the ocean of other social pages. Make sure you have relevant to your business niche keywords to give your follower the content they search for. If users are engaged with your content, they more likely become your regular readers and even loyal customers. Moreover, you should entice your followers to go to your main domain to find more information about your products or services there. It will help you to improve website rankings and increase social traffic. It is essential to add keywords to your page description and in posts. Moreover, you need to add a high-value keyword in the title of your community to raise your brand visibility. The primary goal of Facebook SEO is to get more content shares and attract relevant users.  

  • Well-optimized URLs

You need a custom URL that match your company name to improve your Facebook SEO. By matching your brand name with your Facebook URL, you improve your brand awareness and let your followers memorize your company name. A well-optimized URL will also help your potential followers find your business page on Facebook.

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  • About text box

“About” section on Facebook is really significant part of your business account as it tells users about your company main goal and let them find more information about your products or services. You need to inreach this section with relevant and high-volume keywords. However, do not use too many keywords as your company description should be readable and engaging.

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