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How to benefit from a website redesign?

If you think about updating your website, you should be aware of all benefits of this process. While some online merchants think of a site redesign as a time-consuming and expensive affair, we believe otherwise. Website redesign helps to keep your business fresh and updating. Moreover, it is a good chance to provide new products and services to gain new visitors. Your homepage redesign can improve users’ experience by making your site more attractive and up-to-date. Let us enumerate some basic things you need to include in your website redesign.

site redesign

  • Switching to a responsive design

In the era of high technologies, people use their phones for million reasons except for mobile communication. There is tendency “to google” on the move if you have any questions or needs. It means that you may generate more leads by making your site responsive. Make sure your website fits all mobile devices and tablets. If you want to check whether your site is responsive or not, use the Google mobile-friendly test.

  • Updated content

The best way to attract new visitors is to write a quality and up-to-date content. Make sure your content is unique and relevant. I advise you to employ a professional copywriter to fulfill this task. Exciting and fresh content will increase your brand awareness and make users come back to your site for more useful information. Avoid keyword stuffing as it will put you at a risk of getting penalized. Write your content for people, not search bots, and you will make your site highly demanded.

homepage redesign

  • SMM

Use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Twitter to attract as many customers as possible. Social media marketing enables you to become closer to your targeted audience and earn their credibility. Interact with your potential clients in an entertaining and non-intrusive way, and you will make them loyal to your brand. Social media promotion gives an opportunity to gain more traffic to a website through social channels.

  • Page titles optimization

Titles optimization plays a significant role in increasing website traffic. Users, as well as search bots, get a web page overview through a title. Make sure your titles are relevant to your site content and contain keywords. Each page of your website, whether it's a homepage or a blog post, should have its unique title to let Google crawlers identify your content when they search for relevant results to a query.

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