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What tips for website design site do you have?

Today, much like many other digital industries, the realm of web design is constantly developing under frequently emerging updates and changes. And this current trend has nothing to do, but inevitably keep lasting forth. When it comes to website design for site of any commercial nature, all you actually need is just following the latest web-development fashion and keep every item displayed on your pages updated in a timely manner. Understanding the importance of being always up-to-the-minute, here are several tips I found the most critical:

website design site

  • Web design for site must be always clean and spacy

Nowadays, the big world of the Web has become really cluttered with different stuff, like advertisements, excessive icons, banners, pop-ups, CTAs (a.k.a. call to action buttons), etc. I mean today too many websites are becoming more and more heavy for the user’s eye. To avoid that, make sure to have a clean and flat design to make your visitors feel free when browsing your pages. Remember - the worst thing can possibly happen is annoying look of your website making most of the visitors just click away;

  • Don’t hesitate to explore more website design options for site

Here I’m going to encourage you, as reading this short notes already means you are on the right track. Don’t hesitate to look for more information, to follow the latest web-dev trends and be always one step forward before your closest competitors. There are a lot of constantly updated statistical information available in open access. Feel free to use it for better understanding the most common users’ preferences, and simply give your visitors those kind of browsing experience they want! For example, a long scrolling page will not work well, so just get it fixed for your website first and foremost.

  • Get a pecking order for your visualization

From the viewpoint of website design for site, a visual pecking order commonly stands for certain patterns driving our attention to particular objects across the Web. Naturally, our eyes are moving from left to right, and from top to bottom. Having a good visual hierarchy will make your visitors have a click, for example, on “sign up” button more frequently when it’s displayed in the left corner of the screen, closer to web page beginning. That’s why it’s a reasonable idea to have such coveted spaces filled with only most important content sections, as well as CTAs. At the same time, be sure to avoid overwhelming your pages with different items, not to get your visitors annoyed and lose your potential customers.

website design

  • Make your content reader-friendly

Remember, your website content is the king. I mean, there is no need to repeat the information for the wandering visitors, or answer any extra questions, when you have a really solid and informative content. What’s more - make your content as attractive and thrilling as you can. In terms of web design, make sure the content works well with your colors, avoid any puny-font solutions (even if they are looking really cute), and do your best to use your special fonts and themes in a constant manner. That will help you get a stronger individuality to your brand name, as well as more willing readers improving your conversion rate, and making a fair foundation for the real customer flow. And, of course, don’t skimp to invest some extra time, funds, and efforts to make your design mobile friendly for currently widening audience of people using mobile gadgets for browsing.

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