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Can you offer the best keyword SEO strategy for ecommerce website?

As it was stated in the recent review by Fortune, total net revenue of online advertising market came to $60 billion in 2015. The largest shares were sliced by Google and Facebook, having taken $30 billion and $8 billion accordingly. These figures have reconfirmed it once again - having a good SEO strategy for an ecommerce website is now the only primary driver paving the way to commercial success of any online business.

seo strategy for ecommerce websiteToday, any online project depends largely on organic traffic and the right search queries driving real net sells. According to the recent insight by Selz, about 44% of young online entrepreneurs have already got the right focus and are starting to work on their projects precisely with developing their own keyword SEO strategy for the ecommerce website. To illustrate this point further, I can say that today getting by without SEO is a death sentence for any commercial web project.

But don’t get discouraged, as getting your online store optimized for top search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing is really achievable. Yes, it’s quite complicated and needs a comprehensive approach, but it’s still a feasible task. Speaking in plain English, implementing a proper SEO strategy for ecommerce websites means doing all-round works to make your website more friendly to search robots (also known as crawlers), by attracting them with the right keywords. Combined with quality backlinks, that will lead to a stronger authority of your website, and subsequently, give you better indexing for higher ranking in SERPs (search engine result pages).

Next, I’m going to overview 2 most popular keyword practices trying to shape up the best SEO strategy for the ecommerce websites!

  • Use only unique title tags for your web pages

Duplicate title tags are considered be the most frequent mistakes and typical for the web pages of large online stores. As already mentioned, title tags must always be unique, otherwise, that wouldn’t look attractive to the search engine robots. I recommend pressing CTRL U to find the title tags right from your browser. Yes, it may be a rather daunting task, because getting rid of these duplicate items will require repeating keywords. To avoid that, I recommend using long tail keywords i.e. long phrases. And remember to keep your title tags below 70 characters to keep them presentable in search results. One more hint - it’s a use-proven fact that Google pays more attention to those keywords in the title tag's beginning. So, don’t miss this reasonable opportunity to instantly get a better ranking for your webpages through the most favorable keyword placement.


  • Do more keyword optimization for your category pages

In terms of SEO strategy for the ecommerce website, category pages are much more critical than any other web pages or posts. They must receive better optimization to get greater chances of being displayed on page 1 of search results. Considering the need to attract more traffic to the category page, I suggest using a simple optimization scheme below:

  • Have a keyword placed in the ALT tag and file name (for images)
  • Place a keyword in H1 tag
  • Get a keyword for your page title and description
  • Don’t forget about SEO permalinks throughout the content, as well as LSI keywords

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