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How can I boost SERP with content marketing?

Currently, Google is the biggest search engine in the world with over 67% of the global search engine market. Every day, millions of people open Google to find relevant information or make an order. As a result, Google runs the digital playground which is called search engine results or SERP.

As a leading search engine, Google dictates the rules for all website owners. So, if you would like to rank for your targeted search terms, you need to follow all Google guidelines, regardless of how strict or demanding those rules may seem. When Google updates its ranking algorithms or changes the rules, online merchants have all adjusted accordingly if they want to lead their SERP marketing successfully.

serp marketing

Besides obeying the Google rules, you also need to implement some SERP marketing strategies to influence your site rankings. One of the most effective techniques is content marketing. It can be very useful in increasing traffic, generating leads, enabling sales and contributing to SEO. If you can build a winning content marketing strategy, your site positions by targeted keywords will raise on SERP. It is an effect that no business can ignore.

In this article, you will find some essential tips how to influence your site position on SERP implementing content marketing strategies.

SERP marketing strategies

  • Google rewards quality and unique content

According to recent Google Panda Update, websites with a low-quality and copy-pasted content can not rank on SERP. This update was assimilated into the core ranking algorithm. Nowadays, this algorithm serves as an important factor that impacts how all websites rank in SERPs. That is why to ensure your site content follows Panda rules, you should continuously produce the best possible content and optimize the quality of the recently published content.

 There is no on-site strategy that may correctly exist without a constant content update. By generating new quality content, you raise your site chances to be shown by your potential customers. Moreover, Google receives the signal that you continuously update information and increases your site reputation and authority. Make sure you provide your website visitors with fresh and up-to-date content which is relevant to your market niche. The freshness of the content serves as a website ranking factor. Google judges it by publication date, content updates, new pages, the number of links toward the page and the amount of traffic the specific page received.

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  • Update your old content

It is not smart to ignore your old content as it also can bring you value. Especially if it still gains a significant amount of traffic. It is quite beneficial to go beyond your the already written content to new formats that allow you to broaden your content value. That is why updating your old content can help you to analyze a topic in more detail, by allowing you to create multiple types of content without losing its value or becoming repetitive. 

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