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Can I find a way to improve one keyword ranking for a website?

The most significant part of your search engine optimization promotion is to find keyword ranking for your site. Keyword ranking is when your website is ranked in Google for a relevant to your market niche search term. It has a significant impact on your traffic and subsequently conversion. As a statistic shows more than 70% of search engine users click on the websites which are placed on the first SERP page. It means that the higher you rank, the better off you are. For both paid and organic search, a high keyword rank can be achieved by using keyword research tools and different search engine optimization techniques.

find keyword ranking for website

Unfortunately, SEO does not always give us the results we expect. Search engines may rank your page for a particular keyword differently than the ones for which we would like a particular PageRank. So, let us discuss what you can do it this case and how you can improve the ranking of a page for the keywords you want.

What methods do I need to find to improve keyword ranking for my website?

The first thing you need to consider is the kind of signals Google receives from your site. You need to make sure that Google gets only right signals which can bring you traffic. There is a thin line between quality optimization and over-optimization with the implementation of black-hat optimization techniques. An over-optimization can cause Google penalties and low your site ranking positions.

So, to optimize your web page for a relevant to your market niche search term without any over-optimization mistakes, you need to follow these steps.

  • Baseline keyword ranking

On the initial stage of your rankings improvement, check the where your page ranks on this moment for the search terms you need to target. This bottom line will give you an opportunity to measure a future ranking progress. To simplify this process, you can use some professional ranking tools such as Semalt Auto SEO or Google Keyword Planner. With the help of these tools, you may check your rankings automatically on a daily basis.

  • Search for variations

To find your keyword variation, insert your high-volume and targeted search term in the Google Keyword Planner or Semalt Auto SEO tool. Both of these tools will give you the appropriate changes of the selected keyword and provide you with a competitive analysis for each of those keywords. I will give you a bright idea of your keyword competitiveness and value. On the next step, you need to insert your targeted keyword in Google search box to obtain the suggested by Google long-tailed key phrases. Moreover, you need to check what domains appear on the first SERP page and what suggestions for “related search terms” you have.

seo keywords 

  • Confirm your expectations

This initial keyword research will show you whether your expectations were correct or not. For instance, if a keyword you would like to target is too competitive you should revise it as there is little chance that you will able to beat your market niche competitors with a high traffic flow.

To confirm or revise your expectations, take a closer look at the TOP10 results on the first SERP page. You need to check whether these domains are authoritative and how long they exist.

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