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How to improve my search engine results?

Search engine optimization is a process of your site designing for improving its ranking in organic search results on Google SERP. SEO is designed to optimize the most relevant to your industry search terms that your potential customers will use to search for the similar to your products or services. The essential SEO concepts include relevance, crawlability, and discoverability. A website relevance refers to the relevant to your market niche content that can improve user experience with your site and let search crawlers understand what your site is about. Discoverability is all about search marketing techniques. To enhance your site discoverability, you should communicate with the online world and your potential customers. You can do it employing social media marketing or e-mail marketing. Crawlability mainly refers to a technical aspect of optimization. You need to make your site visible for search bots and let them parse all the new information you add to your site.

In this article, we will discuss how to influence all these three search engine optimization concepts and receive the best search engine results.

search engine results

SEO guidelines for site ranking improvements

  • Keyword Suggestion

Take some time to make up a list of words which are the most relevant to your market niche and which your targeted audience may use searching. It is advisable to look for the long-term key phrases which are not too competitive. To improve a process of keyword suggestion and save a lot of time, I advise you to use online keyword research tools such as Semalt Auto SEO. As soon as you make up a list of the most relevant search terms, you need to create an appropriate content to present them on your website pages perfectly. To let Google bots understand what your site is about, insert key phrases in the first few words of your page title as well as in meta tags and headings. Moreover, you may include keywords in the URLs and image ALTs and Titles.

  • Get used of quality available information on the web

Nowadays almost everyone writes about search engine optimization as it is the most popular theme on the Internet. However, not all these writers have an experience in this sphere and are far from reality. So, there are too many forums and websites that publish quality and irrelevant information. While some of these pieces of advice just do not have any value, others may hurt your search engine results. That is why you need to select your sources well. I recommend reading the information provided by industry experts such as Semalt, Moz and Search Engine Journal.  

  • Improve your HTML code

To make sure search engines can easily understand your site, you should look at your site HTML code. To improve your site technical part, you should make use of up-to-date technologies like Cascading Style Sheets. Moreover, you need to build your site on one of the most user-friendly content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla or Magento. These systems enable you to make all required amendments to your website any time you need it.

seo results

  • Simplify your site navigation

You need to simplify your site navigation to improve user experience with your site. To make your site navigation easy to use, you can build clear text links to all your site sections. You need to avoid using too have animated Flash links and overloaded intricate menus to let search crawlers parse your site without any difficulties. Create simple and plain navigation to let your potential customers find what they need at first sight.

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