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What are the best practices to get quality backlinks for Youtube video?

According to different sources, YouTube is one of the biggest media platforms in the world with the 3 billion searches per month and 5 million watched videos per day. It is the perfect opportunity to improve your site rankings through this media platform by creating a winning link building campaign. A good rank video for a popular search is sure to drive a converted traffic to your site. It will boost your overall ranking in search engines and help to increase your brand recognition. However, you should not make the primary accent on the quantity of backlink for your YouTube video. Your correct focus should be on the quality and relevance of the backlinks you create.

In this article, we will talk about the ways to build quality website links on YouTube and get the highest-ranking positions.

backlink for youtube video

How to create backlinks for your YouTube video?

There are two basic options to get links on YouTube:

  • Utilizing your own YouTube channel, that gives you an opportunity to create links to your site and other social profiles
  • With the help of description to your uploaded video

How to get the channel link?

To get the channel link, you need to create a profile, fill out all required information, and pat yourself on the back. Here everything is easy and straightforward. It is smart to link to other social media profiles and uploaded a branded YouTube channel cover. Any YouTube channel owner can add these links. Make sure these links do not have a tonne of ranking impact.

How to get links out of videos you upload?

First of all, upload your video to YouTube. Make sure it is exciting and engaging. The title of your video should reflect your video content. Moreover, it should be branded to give a notion for users whom they are watching. You need to upload only original and unique video content as overproduced videos won’t give you a high popularity. On the second stage, you need to put a link in the video description. This link should look natural in your content. Otherwise, users may regard it as an advertisement and not follow your link. Make sure you place your relevant link near the top of your descriptive text. It is the best place to put a link as most likely it will be clicked on better.

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How you can benefit from backlink for your YouTube video?

The link inserted into your video description plays a very significant role due to some reasons. First of all, if at least 3% of video watchers will click on your site link, it can work out to more than 30,000 website visitors and your potential customers. Imagine that this percentage can be much higher. In this case, a traffic flow from this social channel will be significant and can radically change your website ranking positions. Moreover, if a link points to a relevant web page, Google will evaluate your link quality higher.

It is worth to mention that high backlinks for youtube video occur in a case when relevance meets quality. That is why you need to make sure create a quality and engaging video content which is relevant to your website market niche.

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