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How can I improve my SEO webshop ranking?

Below goes a brief consideration for top brief guidelines I used to improve my SEO webshop ranking. I had launched my online store as far as 2008, but continue working on a couple of projects up to the moment.

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Before anything else, you should make a keyword research, investing some time and efforts to understand what your potential customers are searching for. Knowing their most frequent request queries in Google, and considering their competitive weight you can use one of the trendiest research tools to collect and analyze all data about the keywords and key phrases.


Shape up a sufficiently thick SEO webshop architecture by making a sitemap for your web pages. Have all your brands, products or services available well structured by relevant categories That would do much good providing better user experience, as well as making every section more friendly to indexing, which often leads to a higher ranking in the SERPs.

Content value

Ideally, your content writings are recommended come s1,000 words per web page. Of course, it’s just a general priority for you. I suggest having about 20 main category pages, each backed with complete and value-adding descriptions. Of course, some posts may be referring to the same item repeatedly, but it would be affordable, for example regarding content and landing pages. Just do your best for unique, not recycled and not duplicated texts.

Content quality

Make sure to have more quality content for every category page. Quality means having only fresh, informative and original writings, engaging for your target audience and guiding the visitors with tips and tricks useful to finally make a purchase. Your writings should bring value to the users, never have any outdated, irrelevant or wall-text web pages.

Blog SEO

Your works on SEO for webshop would be more efficient then backed with a supportive blog, which bears a higher priority in Google search results pages. Pumping more target audience to a related blog, and having your blog pages embedded with backlinks leading to your online store will generate you higher traffic, which is rewarded with ranking promotion. Consider getting only quality blog content, which should provide a valuable info on the relevant issues. Or just go for questions and answers, considering more frequent requests of your potential customers.

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Page loading speed

Have a good page loading speed. Now it’s needed not only for user-friendly customer experience but in terms of better online visibility. I mean that considering a modern trend for mobile browsing, the search engines like Google itself are awarding more responsive web pages with a higher ranking. Note, however, that too slow page loading speed may lead to losing ranks in the SERPs, up to complete deindexing. To test your page loading speed, you can use Pagespeed Insights by Google, a checking tool available in open access. For more detailed statistics, you might as well visit, or use SemaltAnalyzer to run a deeper SEO check for your webshop.

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