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Why should I support my website search optimization with SEO video marketing?

Very often it takes much time and labor to see even the early signs of SEO delivering first results. How to create a stronger growth? You need to infuse your standing search optimization strategy with some action plans to appeal both the real audience and the search crawlers. So why not to try some schemes of SEO video marketing? It seems like a perfect combination to address to more potential clients while keeping and developing your existing followers or readers, isn’t it? Anyway, I believe the following statements about using SEO and video marketing will be useful for a reasonable consideration.

seo video marketing

Gain greater conversion rate

Surprisingly, but now YouTUbe has become the world’s most popular search engine, following Google, and hence leaving far behind the joint efforts of Bing and Yahoo. What does it mean? Nothing at all, except the fact that people simply like watching videos. So, why it shouldn’t be an excellent idea to embed your web pages with some useful or entertaining video content? Not just for a healthy user experience, but for greater conversion. According to the most recent research estimate, handling a proper email campaign, supported with SEO video marketing can increase your potential audience coming through email subscription by 51%. People say that embedding your landing page with a quality video seems even more promising, having a nearly 2-fold increase in conversion. As already mentioned, the main objective of Search Engine Optimization itself is to keep pumping more conversion, while receiving quality leads. That’s why I’m feeling free to apply for, at least primary means of SEO video marketing for two years already, and definitely don’t regret ever doing.

Make stronger online presence

Among the most significant long-lasting goals of SEO is maintaining and making stronger your brand name authority, and customer awareness of your business on the Internet. That way, dealing with SEO video marketing can help to reinforce your current positions for even more. Having a great video content attractive to the target audience means that your website becomes a leader within your market niche, providing more useful and always relevant information, as well as answering the most frequent questions of the users. All that will turn your occasional visitors at least into devoted followers, not to say the real clients.

video marketing

Leave your opponents behind, drive your website with SEO video marketing 

Modern online competition is usually tight, as too many different business owners are fighting for the same niches or target audiences, hence betting on the very much alike, not to say similar keywords and key phrases. But now the increasing influence of video content makes it displayed on the top of the SERPs, hand-in-hand with the original text content. That’s why never miss this excellent opportunity to instantly beat your opponents, at least those still getting by without SEO video marketing. Just pay some time and efforts for an exciting and valuable video content, not for that blog post or infographic you were going to deliver this week, for example.

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