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Do you know what connects original SEO and video content optimization works?

Video content becomes now more and more necessary, particularly regarding full-stack online marketing strategy. Among the strongest spots of informative videos embedded to every web page, I see first such advantages, as driving more leads, building more reliable brand name authority with better customer awareness, and finally greater income-generating potential for every online doing on the whole.

seo and video

Most commonly, video content is somehow associated just with social media marketing on its own. But it’s a great mistake to believe so. Yes, of course, Twitter, Facebook, as well as YouTube itself are the excellent things for placing your eye-catching promotional videos. All these platforms are use-proven and ideally suitable for acting like that. But here comes a more than critical question - what if there are tighter interrelations between SEO and video content? As today search optimization is covering much more aspects beyond content. In fact, from the viewpoint of the search engines, having a well-optimized video content is like having a quality content, but in its more personal way. Below comes a brief consideration - whether SEO and video content should come hand-in-hand to bring even more organic traffic usually evolving into qualified leads? Or still nothing to it? Okay, I’m joking here. As for me, a dire necessity to have my standard works on SEO and video content tightly integrated with each other has already become a quite casual state of affairs. I’m going to prove I’m right about that. Below I will show you some convincing tips for having a little video optimization with the maximum efficiency for your online business.

Before we started, let’s understand one simple suggestion - webpage SEO and video content optimization are much alike, but still not identical. Like the original content in writing, videos are ranked by Google considering quality content and the number of strong backlinks. Let’s observe some of my former experience to make the best use of their similar nature.

First of all, let’s proceed with video transcriptions. Having a transcribed video content on your web pages would be great for all: real users enjoy a purely relevant and engaging data for a higher conversion, while the search engines are most likely to award you with better ranking in the SERPs. Acting this way, we must do our best to help the crawlers “read” video content the same way as if it was just an ordinary piece of writing. You will need a complete word transcription, as well as text highlights for every video you are going to host. To do that, I suggest using a worthy experience in this field made by Moz (just watch their fantastic videos on Whiteboard Friday). You might as well browse for the best podcasts well-shaped by the other industry leaders and easily found on the Internet.

semalt media

Finally, let’s get down to metadata optimization for videos. As I already said, particularly this aspect of overall SEO and video optimization works are very much alike. Just have your video descriptions, as well as every title:

  • more compelling and welcoming for greater click-through
  • purely relevant and natural for your web page content
  • embedded with only right keywords relevant to your market niche or target audience
  • meta descriptions coming up to 155 characters
  • eye-catching titles standing below 55 characters

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