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If You Compare SEO vs AdWords, What are the Benefits of SEO?

When it comes to AdWords vs. SEO, deciding which option is more suitable for your business is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. These two seemingly independent approaches share numerous similar features. Today, we’ll try to determine which marketing channel fits your business best.

SEO vs. AdWords: Which One is More Effective?  

Think of SEO as the soulmate you’ll want to marry in the long run. The relationship can be tough sometimes, but your efforts will pay off in the end. If you continually provide your website with effective content marketing strategies, search engine optimization can bring you to the top of Google.
AdWords, on the contrary, is the thrilling, but the short-lived fling. The influx of traffic was great while it lasted, but you have to constantly fork over more and more cash to keep it afloat. Even though AdWords might not suit your budget forever, the times you do decide to use it can greatly boost your SEO efforts.

seo vs adwords

SEO Basics

SEO (search engine optimization) is a mix of strategies and tactics applied to increase the number of visitors to a resource. The primary goal of SEO is to improve your site by optimizing its web presence, content and design to reach the ranks of Google and other search engines organically. SEO requires quality content that is relevant to your services and products, right keywords to capture your target audience, correct directory listings to build your credibility, and social signals to promote your website.

Briefly About AdWords

Google AdWords is Google’s PPC advertising platform. It was designed specifically for site owners who strive to promote their business via paid ads that appear within the Google search results and are viewed on the top, right hand, and even bottom of the web pages. AdWords gives you control over your advertising costs: you pay only when someone clicks your ad. Google, in turn, receives money every time the user clicks on your ad.

Five Reasons to Choose SEO

  • SEO has a lot of flexibility without expense in comparison to PPC;
  • SEO can be integrated into your social media marketing strategy;
  • SEO requires less time to monitor and manage, thus keeping costs under control;
  • Your email campaigns can be optimized with SEO to boost your search rankings without any PPC expense;
  • The online referral process can be utilized efficiently with SEO without the cost of PPC as well.

seo and ppc

SEO vs. AdWords: Final Verdict

If you want your website to succeed, you better use both AdWords and SEO strategies. You should understand that SEO and AdWords are not jealous rivals. Simply put, AdWords is an optional bonus. You can still build a successful website without AdWords, but PPC is a great option that will enhance your marketing strategy.

All things considered, a wise SEO strategy is the backbone of your website prosperity while AdWords is the cherry on top. Figure out the best approach for you and your business and stick to it.

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