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Is There a Quick Tool to Test My SEO With?

In 2017, mobile optimization is a must that brings a dozen of benefits to almost every resource if done correctly. In addition to providing a better user experience, it makes it easier for the prospects to find your brand online and makes your advertising dollars work harder.

Wondering whether your website is mobile-friendly or not? In today’s article, we’ll tell you about the best SEO tools that will help you test your website and determine if it still requires any optimization.

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Google's Mobile-Friendly Test

The following test will tell you in detail how Googlebot sees your page, not how your mobile users might see it. Also, you’ll be provided with developer feedback for various SEO purposes.

If everything goes fine and your site passes the test, you will see a green message on the screen that will tell you that everything is fine and that your web page is mobile-friendly. However, if your site fails the test, the message on the screen will be red, telling you that the resource is not mobile-optimized as well as giving clear reasons why your site has failed. Simple as ABC.

Google's PageSpeed Insights

This one is another SEO tool for testing your website. PageSpeed Insights tells a lot of useful information. First, it shows site owners screenshots of how their resource might look on mobile and desktop, giving speed scores for both. Furthermore, it provides detailed information on website errors that are needed to be fixed. What’s more, the tool regulates the process of what you should still consider fixing as well as the things you have already solved.

Keynote MITE

The third one is an incredible desktop solution designed to run and analyze website on different mobile devices, including tablets, the latest smartphones, and even dumb phones. To test your site with the following SEO tool for free you have to complete the registration.


BrowserStack provides its users with informative screenshots of how the website might look at the device. Even though the tool is beneficial, it still has some drawbacks. Because the solution has to load the site on each device, it runs slowly. To make matters worse, BrowserStack is a paid service.

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W3C's MobileOK Checker

W3C's MobileOK Checker — the last but not the least SEO tool for testing your website.  Similar to other W3C tools, this one does look a bit old-fashioned and in a bad need of UI update. Nevertheless, it does its job well.

W3C's MobileOK Checker tests markup code for any web standards errors, image or graphics errors, resource sizes, and HTTP errors. Moreover, it scans the site for other things such as whether pop-ups are detected, the SSL certificate validity, and the line goes on.

Like PageSpeed Insights, this tool gives a robust set of suggestions and recommendations on what needs to be changed, explaining why it needs to be changed, and a high level how it needs to be changed.

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