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What should I do to submit my websites to search engines like Google?

If you have already developed your site and implemented all SEO techniques, now it’s time to share it with Google. As soon as you submit your website to search engines, your content will get parsed by search bots. However, it takes some time and efforts before your site gets listed on a SERP. Let us discuss how to accelerate the process of website submitting to search engines.

submit website to search engines

How does Google parse my content?

Google is the biggest search engine in the world. Every day Google search crawlers parse a million pages to find a relevant answer to a user’s query. These crawlers usually begin with an archive of URLs generated from previous crawls and then expand the obtained data with Sitemap data provided by Google Search Console.

If you have some updated pages and the new content, Google crawlers will discover it during the crawling process. As soon as a crawling process is finished, all up-to-date information becomes visible on the SERP. Google draws attention to meta descriptions, title tags and other significant metrics that will help search bots, as well as average users,  get an in-depth understanding of website content. If you would like to check whether your site is listed on Google, just put a search query “Site: title. Com.” in a search box. If your site does not appear at all, Google will tell you that your query did not match any results.

How to submit my web source to search engines?

I highly recommend you to submit your site not only to Google but also to Yahoo!, Bing and other search engines as they also can give you a constant traffic flow and improve your brand recognition. It does not matter what search engine you decided to submit to; it could take from four to six weeks to get indexed. If you do not observe any results during this period, then I advise you to resubmit your site.

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For those website owners who would like to improve their website rankings, I recommend making a complex site audit to understand how to improve website SEO. After implementing some required optimization techniques, resubmit your web page to search engines, and you will observe the apparent change in your rankings.

It is not a complicated task to submit your site to Google. Make sure you set up with this Google tool. Then enter your website URL in Google Search Console box. Besides, type in the message to confirm that you are individual, but not a robot. To complete a procedure, click “add URL” button. Remember, that you cannot submit many website pages at a time. In this case, I recommend conducting a submission via Google Webmaster Tool.

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