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What are the most recent SEO standards?

Nowadays, Google is showing the search results, which are far away from more traditional ones (I mean just organic site matches) we had observed a couple of years before. Google’s search algorithms, as well as the primary SEO standards,  keep evolving. Now the search engines are listing more than just what you request - as the SERPs in Google, as well as in Yahoo and Bing are covering now the related images, videos, social media, and of course local maps. So, if you’re betting on more traffic and sales as an online business owner, make sure to check some of the most important SEO standards of today. Does your website need better online visibility and more clicks? Then let’s delve into a couple of the best modern practices of the Search Engine Optimization:

seo standards

Local SEO is the core area for you if your business is betting on local listings and concentrating to be scored a mark in compliance with Google Maps, for example. According to the latest SEO standards in local optimization, I recommend going for:

  • Citations. Have a double check to have precise information about your business included in as many reputable listings on the Internet as possible. Just start with Google listing itself. The key point here is your consistency, I mean every listing of yours should be unified, e.g., if you decided to use something like “Str.” for a shorter interpretation of “Street” on your page of Google Places, take care of the rest of listings to display similarly.
  • Google Places. Maintaining SEO for your website, you can easily do the same stuff for your Google Places page. Have it well-optimized by including exactly matching categories. Also, if applicable, make sure to establish the right connection between your page and a city-specific landing web page.
  • Stronger online presence. Most commonly, there are only Google’s reviews displayed in its list of the SERPs. So, you can build up a more powerful online presence for your business by having more reviews from the other sources like Superpages, Trip Advisor, Yelp, and so on.

basic seo

The next thing is to be perfectly matching with the modern SEO standards is working in the field of Social Media. Let’s face it - those times when the search itself and the means of social media were coming separately have passed long ago. Today, every website’s online ranking is strongly dependent on different social signals, such as likes on Facebook, shares on Twitter, etc. Moreover, now the search results have become even more personalized for every user. That’s why working on Social Media Marketing is a MUST.

After all, doing optimization for your keywords and key phrases, try to think more of live people, rather than the search crawlers. Remember, the right keyword research has always been a backbone of the overall SEO standards. Regarding modern reality, however, your website content and keywords should be even more responsive to the real users than ever before. That’s why you must stop thinking of the keywords just as a technical data. Doing a tedious research, keep in mind the intentions of live people who will use your relevant keywords for their most frequent search requests.

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