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What Can You Tell Me About an SEO for a Property Management Company?

These days, SEO is crucial for all types of online businesses, and a property management online agency is not an exception. If you want to grow your property management company, then it’s highly recommended that you include SEO in your digital marketing strategy.

At Semalt, we are always working on better web marketing ideas for property management businesses. Today, we are going to share the most effective techniques for boosting your SEO. These recommendations will help you convert your website visitors into strong leads.

seo management company

Pay Attention to Your Menu Items

The first thing we want to talk about is your front page layout or in other words your website menu items. Remember, they need to be clean, clear and concise. The best way to organize your front page layout is to split it into four key menu items. Semalt specialists suggest putting the following ones on that front page:

  • Owners;
  • Tenants;
  • Realtor Referrals;
  • Property Management Services.

The primary goal here is to boost your traffic by reducing the bounce rate and increasing the time spent on your site. You should understand that there are dozens of people visiting your site every day. All of them want it to be attractive and easy to navigate. That’s why it’s vital to provide users with easy directions. Remember, if you channel each user to the needed area of the website, there is a higher probability that they will spend more time there instead of leaving your resource.

If you want to include other menu items, such as media relations, that’s okay. The only thing to remember: try to keep those items on other sub-menus within your website. As we mentioned above, your front page must be as clean and easy to navigate, as possible.

URL Structure Matters

Developing a strategic URL structure for all the website pages is always a great decision. Your URLs should be succinct and descriptive. Keep in mind that when your URLs make sense and reflect your company’s value, search engines can find you faster and you get an easy SEO boost.

Focus on Your Landing Page

It is worth mentioning that most of your business opportunities flow directly from this page. Therefore, you have to make it superb. SEO experts define three items you should have on this page to make your property company stand out from the crowd. Here are they:

Optimized Titles

Even though this might seem obvious, you would be surprised at how many landing pages don’t have any titles, which is wrong. Let’s assume you are a property management company in Florida, then the SEO-optimized title for your landing page should be something like Florida Property Management Agency.

seo company

 Visible Phone Number

Your prospective clients need to be able to reach you promptly, so make sure that the phone number is visible. Don’t hide it, instead put it right under your title, so that people will be able to get in touch with you in a matter of seconds.

Custom Contact Form

It’s important to give users some other way except phone they can connect with you. Consider contact form with 4-5 fields. Ask visitors for basic information, so it’s easy for them to provide their information.

You can get started enhancing your property management company website right now with these three SEO tips. Once you are done with them, you can go further by adding testimonials and introducing your agency on explanatory video.

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