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How to prepare a site for search engine optimization?

Imagine the situation you have translated your dream into reality and launched your own website. Now, it is time to improve your online presence and attract your potential customers to your new domain. Of course, your website promotion cannot be done in a day as it takes some time for the search crawlers to index your domain. However, you may influence this process employing search engine optimization. As SEO is a time-consuming process, you won’t receive immediate results. Nevertheless, the first optimization improvements you make after your web source launch can have a significant impact on your online business potential. For instance, the correct keyword selection has a great impact on your future online presence as your potential customers will find your site by these search terms. You need to build a good optimization campaign at once to save time in future and reduce the need to fix any website errors.

how to search engine optimization

In this guide, you will have some tips for those site owners who just launched their web sources. The following tips will help you to design a good search engine optimization strategy whenever you launch a new website to make sure it’s designed from the very beginning to attract quality traffic from search engines.

How can I SEO my recently launched website?

  • Targeted keywords

You need to structure your website for relevant keywords to improve its rankings. Each page of your site should target its own set of relevant, high-volume keywords to help the search bots parse your content. You need to break down your website structure into several different categories. Each type should be aimed at a different search term to raise your chance to get to Google TOP by various related queries. Website structuring has a lot of benefits. First of all, it creates a clear theme and target search term for each website page, instead of having the main page target multiple keywords. This kind of targeting offers the website maximum relevance.

  • User-friendly optimized content

Currently, relevant and quality content serves as a significant Google ranking factor. The optimized content generation is a part of on-site optimization. It means that website owners can fully control this part of SEO. So, before starting any effective SEO efforts, make sure your content is well-structured and relevant to your industry and engaging. Moreover, you need to include relevant keywords into your content to make it visible to search bots. I advise you to put the most high-volume and traffic-gaining keywords in the titles and at the beginning of the paragraph. Moreover, you may use them in descriptions and ALTs.

how to seo

According to recent research, Google rank higher those pages that contain more than 2,000+ words then pages with short and light content as they usually do not carry any useful for average users' information. That is why I advise writing 2-3 pages long articles with a strict structuring, for instance, step-by-step guides, tutorials or tips. Research also shows, that long and medium-sized content are more likely to get links than short texts. Ultimately, it will help you to build a greater number of inbound links to each page.

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