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Is it reasonable to apply for pay on results SEO?

Today, there are myriads of products or services available by pay-per-performance. The global market economy appreciates that, so do I. Moreover, most of the outsourced digital services have been already priced like that quite long, as the scale of the project and urgency should always be considered. But what about some unique and significant works needed for every website? Let’s observe the case about pay on results SEO.

pay on results seo

Pay on results SEO: aspects that will never work well

Rather than seeing the issue of pay on results SEO on the global level, I suggest looking through some individual points that will not do for sure. First of all, I mean a would be “pay-per-ranking.” I believe that only buying high ranking is the worst scenario. Just because there is no single standard for Search Engine Optimization. That’s why taking a quick decision to buy better ranking is null and void. Paying for ranking has no sense at all - such kind of ranking progress will never last long, and in fact, it’s a great mistake to focus only on the search engines (having low-quality, yet still labor-intensive and pricey works having nothing to do with the powerful long-tail keywords and quality phrases). Even if we could make use of this model (in theory) I insist on just forgetting it once and forever. After all, we are to create a website providing user-friendly and valuable experience to people, not robots.

Secondly, let’s look through another scheme often used to pump more paid traffic promptly. Putting it in plain English, everything can be measured here with a cash equivalent invested for traffic increase ratio. Acting this way, we would be able to have a quite good SEO progress, particularly from the viewpoint of having the focus on the long-tail and single keywords to generate the lion’s share of traffic. 

But, once again - giving top priority to certain aspects and leaving the rest behind is the wrong approach. Also, note that, of course, traffic itself is a positive thing. However, the problem is that precisely targeted traffic is of critical importance here. That’s why I recommend considering blogs and the other means of content marketing to launch a natural flow of customers, relevant and interested in your sector for sure. Moreover, such visitors are most commonly looking for information, not purchasing at once. But given that your traffic is organic, most of them got quite promising chances to be finally evolved into real clients.

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As for me, I’m already convinced that pay on results SEO will not do. I’ll never have a fully comprehensive works with many technical aspects done this way, at least from the viewpoint of wasting my money and having unrealized expectations. 

Let’s, face it pay on results SEO doesn’t work. Simply because it’s a quality field of time-consuming labor which needs an actual expertise of the full-stack team of digital marketers and SEO technicians. Considering that it must be a long lasting and maintained strategy, betting on paid results SEO. Yes, in theory, such services may sometimes bring some immediate improvements. But what about their quality and safety after all? Just remember: some of the most outrageous black hat SEO techniques are always followed by glorious Google penalties.

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