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How to find website technical problems and check online SEO?

Technical SEO is essential for your business perspective as it directly influences your site ranking. Technical SEO is based on how well Google bots can parse your website and index your content. You need continuously improve your site technical aspects to make sure you rank well for relevant keywords and phrases.

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Today we will talk about some significant technical SEO factors you need to check online.

  • Index setting

Some well-optimized SEO-friendly websites have zero Google rankings, and nobody can understand why is it so. However, an answer is in the runoff. You have a low rank due to no index website settings. This setting tells web crawlers do not parse your site content and do not show it in search results. This small omission may cost you your business. That is why I advise you to check if your site has index setting or not by using No Follow Chrome Extension.


Make sure your website URL is HTTPS if you would like Google accepts you as a secure domain. HTTPS serves to verify a site identity for a connecting user. It encrypts all website data a user may get. HTTPS security level protects user agent details, query string parameters, and cookies. HTTPS provides a safety of these files and keeps them from any changes. Moreover, this technical facto is considered an important Google ranking factor. You can conduct an SEO online check and improve your website HTTPS using SSL checker.

  • Canonicalization

To have a constant flow of visitors and high Google rank, make sure your web pages are not accessible via numerous URLs. In this case, search bots parse the same content on duplicated pages. This technical factor keeps you away from Google TOP. To remove canonicalization, you need an expert technical support.

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  • 404-error page

This error shows that your page is not found by crawlers as it is not available on your site. A 404-error page can be caused by a broken website link or a recently removed website page. It means that server could not find an answer to a user’s query. You should remove such error pages from your site. An error page should redirect your website visitors to a normal page. 

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