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Does certification matter for SEO gurus?

Search engine optimization is a fundamental aspect of website promotion and development. It helps to target customers and sales as well as boost website traffic and reach a target audience. To stay up to date in a changeable digital marketing sphere, I advise you to follow SEO gurus. Their tips and guides will be useful for both website owners and marketers as it helps to be aware of market changes and improve your site SEO.

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Experience is everything for SEO gurus

To succeed in SEO sphere, you need to be hard-working and experienced. It is not enough to read training materials and learn SEO guides. First of all, you need practice. For SEO guru a good reputation and portfolio serve as the highest quality certificate and help to make deals with clients. Work experience in digital marketing sphere is highly valued. For instance, senior SEO gurus are getting paid in several times more than inexperienced juniors. Nowadays, anybody can get an SEO education and receive a corresponding certificate. This document will prove your employer that you have specialized training in an optimization sphere. However, you still need to develop an experience based on your knowledge.  

SEO Certification dimensions

All SEO experts can be divided into two main groups - SEO gurus and SEO beginners. You will also go through some additional career stages between these two basic dimensions. Let speak in more detail about these two career stages.

  • Junior SEO

Junior SEO specialists are those people who just start their career development. They have limited knowledge and skills. Beginners need comprehensive training to shed light on SEO world and become competent. As a rule, beginners assist SEO gurus and follow their instructions to gain some experience.

  • Senior SEO

Top SEO experts perfect their skills through practice. They continuously use their knowledge on training and cooperate with other experienced specialists. They do not attain special courses to learn SEO as everything they need they draw from their current SEO projects. Usually, during job interviews, SEO gurus take up an evaluation exam to prove their experience and proficiency.

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How to increase my SEO knowledge?

You can improve your SEO knowledge by attaining courses and seminars. Moreover, you may find some useful information in authoritative SEO blogs such as MOZ or Semalt. There are a lot of tips how to implement different SEO strategies and improve your client’s website ranking. While increasing your SEO knowledge, you need a willingness to learn, irritate, fail and practice a lot.

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