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How to make relevant keyword suggestions to improve your Amazon SEO?

Those online merchants, who just start developing their business on Amazon, should know the difference between search habits on Amazon and Google. Amazon is entirely different to other search engines because its whole ranking system is based on maximizing Amazon revenue. Moreover, this search system is designed only for products research. That is why users are more likely type “product-centric” search queries into Amazon. They know that Amazon system will provide them with the most relevant to their query products which they can purchase in one click. It means that if you are relying on Google AdWords search volume data for your Amazon keyword suggestion, it’s unlikely that you will be capturing an accurate keyword selection that will improve search rankings for your product. 

It is extremely effective to make a comprehensive keyword research on the bottom line of your Amazon optimization campaign. The list of relevant and high-volume search terms will directly affect your sales and improve your products rank on Amazon SERP. That is why taking the time to do comprehensive SEO keyword research for your products will prove to be extremely valuable for your bottom line.

Amazon SEO keyword suggestions for the new products

On the bottom line of your optimization campaign, you need to find as many SEO keyword suggestions as possible. These recommendations should match the search queries of your potential customers. If you fail to do a quality keyword research at the beginning of your optimization campaign, your products won’t be shown at all in Amazon’s search results for that customer search query. 

When you are on the initial stage of the promotion of your products, you need to look at the search terms your market niche competitors are trying to rank for. You can borrow these words and adapt them for your business purposes. You can do it either manually or with the help of a keyword research automated tool like Amazon Keyword Tool, Semalt Amazon SEO, or Sonar. Everything you need is to copy and paste the ASIN of a competitor’s product into the Reverse ASIN search bar. After that, you will obtain a list of the TOP keywords your niche competitors are using. 

After that, you need to sort the relevant search terms by their search volume to find the most effective variants for your Amazon listing promotion. It is an efficient way to drill down to a list of relevant search terms for your product. The most keyword research tools show a search volume estimation for each selected keyword. This data will help you to get a good idea of the most relevant search terms that you will want to use for your Amazon listing optimization. 

It is reasonable to pay a particular attention to the long-tail keywords as they are less competitive and can provide you with more chances to enhance your brand awareness on Amazon. Moreover, these words have the higher conversion rate and lower cost-per-click rate. One more benefit of the long-tail keywords is that searchers use them with more specific search intent. That is why by including relevant long-tail keywords in your title, description and bullet points, you will attract more converted traffic to your listing. 

Try to avoid any keyword repetitions as Amazon prizes only individual and unique search terms.

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