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How to conduct a quick SEO health check?

Search engine optimization process does not stay in one place. It is a continuously growing and developing sphere where website owners, as well as SEO specialists, should keep up with all updates and novelties. As our readers are always in need of updated SEO information, we released an upgrades and health SEO checklist which include some essential optimization tips.

seo health check

Health SEO checklist

To conduct a quality SEO check, I advise you to use the following tools:

Google Webmaster Tools (Index Status, Messages, Check Crawl Errors), Google Analytics Reports (Landing Pages, Keywords Review, SEO Traffic) and Google Analytics Alerts (Review Custom and Automatic Alerts).

The first thing you should do is to add your website to Google Search Console. Through this free analytical tool, you may check what factors affect your site rankings. Moreover, you can measure your promotional campaign through some important metrics and subsequently eliminate some of them.

After submitting your web source to Google Search Console, provide a health SEO check of such essential metrics as structured data (let you identify errors in your rich snippets), mobile-friendliness (show you the errors in your site responsive design), errors crawling (enables you to identify any existing errors such as 404 error or duplicate content), manual actions (let you figure out whether your site penalized by Google or not).  

The next aspect you need to check is a website speed. It is significant to know how well your pages are loading as this factor influences your site rankings and user experience with your site. You can provide a health SEO check through Google PageSpeed Insight. This tool shows you an average website score. You rate should be higher than 85/100.

Make sure your site is built on SEO-friendly content management systems like WordPress or Shopify. The following CMS systems have special SEO plugins which simplify a process of providing different optimization amendments.

Make sure your site has a responsive design and operates well on various mobile devices. It will improve your website online presence and attract more potential customers.

seo check

Avoid broken and unreadable links. Replace them with correct and well-optimized URLs to let your clients and search bots easily find your website pages.

Check your site for some technical errors such as crawl errors, duplicate content, missing titles and so on. The following data will help you to understand what aspects you need to improve and make your current website situation clear.

It is essential to upload a sitemap.xml to let Google crawlers parse your site pages more efficiently and index all your site updates. To simplify a process of sitemap creation, you may use a dynamic sitemap.xml generator.

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