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What are the most valuable SEO insights nowadays?

The primary goal of search engine optimization is to attract potential customers from search and improve your online business presence. To succeed in the digital market, you need to keep up with all SEO changes and search engine updates. Moreover, there are more than 200 Google optimization standards you need to follow to get to the TOP. To help you improve your optimization campaign, follow our useful SEO insights and put them into your daily practice.

seo insights

Significant SEO insights

  • Generate your content for humans

Nowadays, nobody is interested in SEO content stuffing with keywords. Users are looking for up-to-date and relevant content that can be somehow useful for them. Moreover, Google prefers natural content to distinct SEO stuff. Moreover, content which does not convert is useless for both search engines and your potential clients. That is why it is significant to focus on your live audience needs rather than on search bots.

  • No keyword density at all

Keywords density is no more a Google ranking factor. However, Google favors a certain density over another. It is significant to include relevant keywords in your content, but you should use them naturally. Keyword stuffing may damage your reputation and raise website bounce rate. That is why you need to focus on natural and relevant content which is easy to read.

  • Play on words

Most search engines use LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) to match search results to user’s intention who perform a search by some query. It means that you can use related keywords, different grammatical variations, and synonyms. It is a perfect way to make your content more relevant and avoid keyword stuffing.  

  • Be helpful to your prospects

Think about your potential customer needs and concerns and give them a relevant content to solve their issues and be helpful to them. It will improve your brand authority and make users loyal to your company. Provide users with better answers than your competitors, and they will cooperate with you only.

seo tips 

  • Implement Google+

Nowadays, Google+ plays a significant role in online brand development. The introduction of Author Rank means that Google will start connecting ranking factors to individual authors, not just the websites hosting the author’s content. Claim your content ownership by adding your authorship markup. By doing so, you can boost your content authority regardless of the source it gets posted.

  • Images

Make sure all your images have alt tags with keywords separated by dashes. Alt text should match the picture’s file name. Your alt tag should be relevant to the image concept. Well-structured and optimized alt tags help users find your site through pictures. It means that you can improve your site rankings including high-volume keywords into image alt-tags and titles.

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